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Hand Crafted Marketing

What is quality? I have this debate all the time with my creatives. I don’t believe that quality means more expensive (necessarily). But you watch a video like this and you can’t help but appreciate the craft and the time that people put into building or making something by hand. UP THERE from Jon on [...]

Your Privacy Was An Illusion Even Before Social Networks

I’ll start this article by telling you the number one way to keep your privacy: Don’t be anyone worth finding. I’m not a very private type and I apologize to those of you that are and admit that I don’t have the same perspective you do. And to make matters worse, I’m American and the [...]

3 Tips From A Brit to Americans on Doing Social Media in Europe

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my video posts. For those who may not have seen one yet, I always try and keep these around 2 minutes or less and I don’t edit them at all. It’s all done in one take and what you see is what you get. This time [...]

Go Through the Door

We’ve all got doors in front of us. Sometimes just one, but usually many. Go through the door. You are weighing your options right now. We always do. You may have even created a pros and cons list, good for you. Now go through the door. Opening doors can be scary. Sometimes they can even be [...]

You Are Always On

Shakespeare famously said, “All the World’s a stage.” He had no idea. We are always on. If you are ‘on’ (as in online) then you are on stage. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect but you have to be smart. In fact showing some of your imperfections is a good thing. It’s real, it’s accessible. [...]

Get Better Ideas By Getting Out and Connecting

I’ve recently posted about the value of getting out and networking but I just had another great experience that may not seem so obvious at first. I’ve been in Boise saying my goodbye’s to family and friends and in general enjoying the wonderful Boise weather. My favorite thing about Boise, besides the people is the [...]

The Fine Line Between Persuade, Influence and Manipulate. Have We Crossed It?

In this industry of Marketing - in all of it’s forms - we talk a lot about Influence and Persuasion. But what do we really mean? What does it mean to Influence someone or to Persuade them? What are we trying to get them to do and why? At any given Social Media, PR or [...]

Raising Digital Natives: “Do Grandma and Grandpa Have a Blog?”

If you haven’t heard (it’s not for lack of me trying), I’m moving my family to London for 2 years. As part of the transition I bought all of my kids tablets that they could hold all of their music and books on and that they could also access email, skype and their own blogs. [...]

Online and Offline Social Networking Go Together Like Chocolate and Bacon

I love going to conferences…for the most part. Every time I get ready to go to a conference, I start second guessing my decision. I’ve gone to a lot of social media conferences. Not as many as some people, but more than most people.I know I won’t learn as much as I used to. But [...]

How to Build a Community Around Your Company that Won’t Turn on You: The Presentation

Last Friday I had the opportunity to present at the WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon. It was a great event and a great crowd. @sherylmaloney has a great writeup of several of the sessions she attended, including my own from last Monday. Much like I did last time I’m embedding each slide as an image and [...]

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