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3 Tips From A Brit to Americans on Doing Social Media in Europe

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my video posts. For those who may not have seen one yet, I always try and keep these around 2 minutes or less and I don’t edit them at all. It’s all done in one take and what you see is what you get.

This time I have a treat for everyone though. I took the opportunity to interview Jon Silk (@prgeek). Jon is the UK Digital Lead for WE Studio D. I’ll be working closely with Jon as I work to build out the rest of our capabilities across EMEA.

Jon and I were at a client advisory board meeting and while we can’t discuss the details of the meeting you can see some our antics on the #WECAB hashtag. I’ll also be posting my presentation later in the week. So stay tuned.

On Saturday while we were at the Ascot racecourse I asked Jon what advice he had for someone who’s done social media in the States but was now looking to do social media in Europe. (Yes this was a totally selfish interview.)

Jon has three tips for us:

  1. You’ll need to stay on top of trends and fads happening in each country.
  2. Be prepared for a tougher sell. Many in Europe are still skeptical.
  3. Stop being so happy and optimistic. We need to be more cynical.

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