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What Is Your Value Timeline?

I have a confession. I’m actually not a big Seth Godin fan. I like him well enough and I think he’s talented at coming up with great analogies not coming up with anything new. I don’t mean to disrespect him, I just don’t think he’s as great as most in the Marketing World seem to think. But [...]

Why I’m Betting on Pandora Even if They’re Not Profitable (yet): Persistence, Perseverance, Pivot, Personalization [10 Links]

I love Pandora (@Pandora_Radio). I’m a proud premium member and use the service on just about every device I own. I’ve been a fan of the service since I first learned about it 6 years ago. Their ability to customize and recommend music boarders on magical. I’ve discovered more great new music from Pandora in [...]

Do You Have A Showroom of Failures?

This morning Tarun Khanna spoke to our class. Tarun’s focus is on entrepreneurs and emerging markets. He’s the author of Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India Are Reshaping Their Futures-and Yours and Winning in Emerging Markets: A Road Map for Strategy and Execution. There were a lot of great ideas I still need to digest further but [...]

You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Work In Social Media But It Helps

One of the reasons I’ve been so attracted to social media is that’s it’s been a magnet for entrepreneurs and early adopters. Over the last 5+ years that I’ve been doing this, nearly every person I’ve met working in this space is an entrepreneur. And usually totally insane. You’d have to be really. It reminds [...]

What’s It Like Being Married To An Early Adopter, Entrepreur?

If you’re an early adopter, entrepreneur type then this description of hypomania may sound familiar. Basically not quite manic depressive (with the really high highs and the really low, lows) and not full on bipolar. Just below all that is hypomania. I think that’s what being married to someone like me must be like. I’ve [...]

Why I took the job instead of doing a startup

This was a guest post on the Highway 12 Ventures blog I have a pretty good track record for predicting what trends will take off. I also have a pretty good record for predicting which cool new digital technologies will do well on the Web. I am horrible at predicting my own future. A year [...]

Who are the founders most influential to you?

Who does VC, serial entrepreneur and startup guru Paul Graham think are the 5 most influential founders over the last 30 years? I thought the list was surprising. #’s 1 & 3 are no big surprise and #4 is less obvious but equally worthy and #’s 2 & 5 I didn’t know who they were [...]

Micropreneurs and the new economy

Last year I wrote about the coming of the Micropreneur. This is only the beginning. We are going to see a huge rise in “side-projects” like this case of the IBM employee who developed the iShoot game. Have you played this game? It’s highly addictive. How to become an iPhone developer in eight easy steps [...]

Why is VC money so alluring?

In the tech entrepreneur space there seems to be a dichotomy about raising VC money. One side seems to view raising VC money for their business as a necessity. The other sees VC money as evil. These are of course the polar extremes to the dichotomy but you get the idea. The truth of course [...]

Entrepreneurs! Start Your Engines!

At the end of the worst financial week the World has ever seen, bankers and stockbrokers may be ready to jump out windows, but I’m feeling rather optimistic today. Barring a complete meltdown of society (some may argue we are already witnessing that) the coming months are going to be a great time to start [...]

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