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Who are the founders most influential to you?

Who does VC, serial entrepreneur and startup guru Paul Graham think are the 5 most influential founders over the last 30 years? I thought the list was surprising. #’s 1 & 3 are no big surprise and #4 is less obvious but equally worthy and #’s 2 & 5 I didn’t know who they were

Five Founders

Inc recently asked me who I thought were the 5 most interesting startup founders of the last 30 years. How do you decide who’s the most interesting? The best test seemed to be influence: who are the 5 who’ve influenced me most? Who do I use as examples when I’m talking to companies we fund? Who do I find myself quoting?

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. TJ Rodgers
  3. Larry & Sergey
  4. Paul Buchheit
  5. Sam Altman

My personal list?

  1. Ben Franklin (I’m breaking the 30 year rule)
  2. Bill & Dave
  3. Ryan Woodings
  4. Marc Andreessen
  5. Anyone starting a company this year

So I ask the same question to you dear reader: Who are the founders most influential to you?

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