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Raising Tech Savvy Kids. You Have To First Teach Yourself.

Thanks to PSFK for pointing out this great article on The Technium: Techno Life Skills. I’m a huge believer in teaching our children technology early. So much so that I just bought all 3 of my kids Galaxy Tabs (yes, I got myself one too). Most of my friends think this is crazy. I think [...]

2011 Is Not About Social Media. Prepare For The Next Wave Of Disruption.

Every year I (like most people) look ahead and ask myself, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” (Okay, actually I ask myself that every few months.) This year I feel that it’s time for me (to begin) to pivot again slightly. @jhouston89 & @melissawz keep telling me I have to keep [...]

Outsourcing expertise is not a replacement for learning, or an excuse not to teach.

Many of us in some way or another are charged with providing some level of expert advice, be it on social media strategy, content development, customer service or what shoe goes best with that little black dress. In these situations, people are outsourcing expertise to us.  We become extensions of their brains, their tastes, their [...]

Your Weaknesses are your Greatest Weapons

Image by Don Solo via Flickr I love proving people wrong. When I was in junior high my guidance councilor told me I’d never graduate High School. I went on to graduate from college and get my Masters. A little over five years ago people told me blogs and new media were a fad. I [...]

The Growing Need for Online Educational Resources

This deserved more than just a bookmark and a tweet. This is a really amazing list of resources. Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Tools for a Free Online Education Why am I excited about free online education? For a few reasons I really want to teach myself to program and Google Code as a great [...]

[NCB Best Of] How to Implement Social Media inside Your Company

This week marks my 2 year blogiversary. To commemorate one of the things I thought I’d do is re-post some of my better older posts. This blog was originally posted on 6/4/07 These tips are for all of my friends working inside of large companies, wanting to take advantage of new media but are not [...]

Creating Smarter Organizations.

Image via Wikipedia Previously I attacked the prickly area of Trust. This time I want to tackle an equally tricky area: Knowledge. There are few areas inside a company, large or small, that are trickier to track than knowledge. There’s an entire professional disciple dedicated to knowledge management and even they struggle with how to [...]

An MBA, The Enterprise and Change

Anyone who knows me, knows that there is only one thing that’s constant in my life: Change. Even if you look back a mere 3 months ago there has been a lot of change since then. 9 Months and 3 Managers I’ve now been at HP 9 months and I’m being moved from the LaserJet [...]

Does Democracy Need Journalism Anymore?

At a recent CCC event (more here, here and here) Bill Manny from the Idaho Statesman made a pretty bold statement. (Paraphrasing): The First amendment defends journalism because Democracy needs journalism to survive. Bill is obviously an incredibly intelligent guy and is an excellent reporter (and mountain climber from what I hear) but he will [...]

Consultants and MBAs

Justin, over at the Treasure Valley Consultants blog asks: “Do consultants and entrepreneurs need these advanced degrees (MBA’s) to be in business for themselves?” The answer is obviously; No Should a consultant or entrepreneur have an MBA? It depends. What your goals are? Who are your clients? Experience is obviously much more important. I am [...]

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