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How to Blog. A Lot.

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr I get asked a lot lately how I’m able to blog so much. If you look at the bottom of my right hand column you’ll see I’ve had this blog for ~2 1/2 years. You’ll also see that as of the first of this year, my posting went up [...]

Traffic vs Engagement vs Influence: Top 10 Posts [August 2009]

It’s been very interesting to do these top 10 posts because it let’s me look at 3 different factors: Traffic: The posts are ranked based on traffic (unique hits) according to Google Analytics. Engagement: How many comments a blog receives is usually considered a level of engagement. Influence: The PostRank scores are meant to judge [...]

Mobile App Blogging Thanks to Posterous: Regator vs MeeHive vs Byline

If you haven’t noticed, I like Posterous. I think they may have single handedly made email relevant for me again. Here’s my Posterous blog. I also like using tools in ways they weren’t meant to be used. That’s the case with this post. Please note that none of these apps were designed for mobile blogging [...]

I Love Link

An Ode to the Link. I love links. They’re like magic. Transporting you all across the Web with just a click. It’s why I love Twitter. Links, lots of links. Behind each shortened URL is a wealth of knowledge and information. I love Bit.ly for their innovative approach to making something as mundane as a [...]

Top 10 Posts [July 2009] Analog Trumps Digital

It’s always interesting to note which posts get the most traction each month. My GTD Moleskine hack crushed evey other post by quite a bit. It was linked to by an obviously very passionate GTD/Moleskine community (if you’d like to know which one you can find it in the trackbacks at the end of the [...]

What does Zemanta have to do with Freebase and Balloons?

Image via CrunchBase Besides the fact that Freebasing and Balloons both have drug connotations Zemanta is partnering with social database company Freebase to launch a new addicting blog feature called Balloons. You know those annoying little mouse over preview scripts that pop-up on blog and let you look at the page before you click through [...]


Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr Things got a little noise around here this last month. The noise to signal ratio was definitely a little out of whack and for that I apologise. I don’t make money on this blog. With the exception of the occasional Amazon affiliate link that Zemanta adds in automatically for [...]

Marketers as Aggregators Creators and Distributors

As I get ready to call it a day and I reflect back on all the content I created (I’m sure I’ll have several less subscribers tomorrow), I’m struck by the importance of workflow. People think that 2 or 3 blog posts is hard. It’s really not. I didn’t create that much new content that [...]

Expanding Posterous as a Workflow Tool

I’ve been using Posterous for a while. Mostly as an experiment to mashup Google Alerts with Zemanta and post via Gmail. As I’ve used it I’ve refined my process from just a pure Zemanta overlay on top of the Google Alerts to adding commentary and deleting non-interesting alerts. But as Posterous continues to expand what [...]

How I moved up 300 spots in AdAge’s Power 150 in 4 months

How I moved up 300 spots in AdAge’s Power 150 in 4 months First off I would like to say that I do not blog for fame or fortune. I don’t think having a high ranking blog is ever a means to an end. But gaining greater exposure to you content can help meet many [...]

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