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Top 10 Posts [July 2009] Analog Trumps Digital

It’s always interesting to note which posts get the most traction each month. My GTD Moleskine hack crushed evey other post by quite a bit. It was linked to by an obviously very passionate GTD/Moleskine community (if you’d like to know which one you can find it in the trackbacks at the end of the post). It was also interesting to note that the post about how I got my job using social media did very well. Not surprising though.

The last few things I found interesting was that Post Rank doesn’t seem to be ranking my posts the same as they used to. For a while all my top posts were ranked as 10′s in Post Rank and now some are as low as 5.9. Post Rank shows activity but this just goes to show that one link can drive a lot of clicks regardless of activity and a lot of activity doesn’t always equate to traffic. Zemanta is driving most of the new links to my sites, that’s why #8 is there.

  1. My GTD Moleskine Hacks 7/7/09 Tweets-2 Post Rank-5.9 Comments-6
  2. How a DM via Twitter to a Blog with a Link to Facebook Got Me My Job 7/27/09 Tweets-17 Post Rank-10 Comments-3
  3. How to use Posterous for Internal Collaboration 7/30/09 Tweets-8 Post Rank-6.8 Comments-3
  4. Twitter is the Internets Water Cooler 7/3/09 Tweets-16 Post Rank-10 Comments-3
  5. Blogs Aren’t Dead, They’re Just Fragmenting 6/7/09 Tweets-11 Post Rank-10 Comments-1
  6. What does Zemanta have to do with Freebase and Balloons? 7/30/09 Tweets-4 Post Rank-9.0 Comments-14
  7. The hard parts of social media work 7/6/09 Tweets-2 Post Rank-1.0 Comments-4
  8. Why You Should Use Favorites in Twitter 4/14/09 Tweets-13 Post Rank-8.8 Comments-3
  9. Social Media is a Wicked Problem 7/28/09 Tweets-5 Post Rank-5.8 Comments-0
  10. FriendFeed and Posterous Redefine Content Management Systems 6/26/09 Tweets-3 Post Rank-10 Comments-0

Close runners up:
Social Media Trifecta the Wiki-Blog 7/10/09 Tweets-6 Post Rank-1.0 Comments-0
Trying to visualize theory 6/29/09 Tweets-2 Post Rank-8.3 Comments-2
Zemanta plus Google Alerts plus Posterous equals I don’t know 3/6/09 Tweets-0 Post Rank-4.0 Comments-0

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