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What Steve Jobs Learned From Walt Disney About Organizational Design

There is a much talked about article about Apple and Steve Jobs done by Fortune. The problem is that you can’t get the article online, nor is the article found in the edition that is currently available on the newsstands. You can only get the article if you have the Fortune iPad app. So while [...]

Social Media is the Infrastructure for Social Business

Do you remember the IT revolution? I barely do. But I’ve worked in Enterprise tech long enough to have filled in the blanks on what I was too young to see in the 80′s. Things started off as these one off efforts developed by hackers and cowboy programmers. (Not literal cowboys, of course, but for some reason [...]

If Collaboration is the Killer App for Bussiness

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about collaboration, open business models and open innovation. When I think about the future of business, how it operates and how its structured and if collaboration really becomes the killer app… What happens when collaboration with all stakeholders is fully integrated into all parts of your business? Customer [...]

Yammer Helps Your Company Create More Edges and Flows

Last month I gave Yammer (a product I like) a hard time because it doesn’t integrate with microblogging clients like Seesmic and Tweetdeck and I feel that their pricing is prohibitive to large, enterprise companies. I got several comments from people and had some really good discussions around the use of Yammer and the good and bad [...]

Social Business Will Take Us Back To The Middle Ages

I had an amazing day at the Dachis Social Business Summit. I have so much to write about it might take me a few weeks to catch up. Especially after surprise guest John Hagel presented. That was the most insightful 15 minutes I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve been thinking out loud on this [...]

We Need to Completely Rethink How Business Operates Using Social Media

I’ve mentioned the book I’ve been working on. I’ve actually made considerable headway on the weekends (except I can’t come up with a good title to save my life) and thought I’d share my current working summary. I’d love to hear your feedback. I am looking for examples where social technologies have been used by [...]

The Conflicting Definitions of Social Business

As social media has continued to evolve and we start to move into the era of social business we’re running into a linguistic snag; There are now two different definitions for Social Business. Those of us in the social media world have not yet settled on an industry wide definition but I’ve recently started using [...]

Social CRM is the First Step Towards Social Business and World Domination

What is Social CRM? Is it a sales tool? Is it a support tool? The answer depends on your company and your business objectives. I can tell you this, Social CRM is not a Twitter key word search juxtaposed next to CRM data. (Sorry, personal rant.) And if you’re wondering about the title, everything with [...]

What Does the Social Business Look Like?

What does the Social Business look like? Some rough draft thoughts. The Social Business will be fully realized when social technologies are leveraged to build collaborative relationships across all company stakeholders.  By leveraging social technologies in an open and transparent way businesses will also regain and build more trust among stakeholders. This increased trust will [...]

Death to Social Media and their Experts!!

Normally I hate the whole “Death to/of…is dead” whatever, blog titles but I couldn’t resist. There’s a great article on CNET about the burst of the social media bubble. The particular bubble is the one where every consultant and marketing blogger has been calling themselves “social media experts.” Marketing: Social media’s hidden bubble | The [...]

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