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The Book

What Does the Social Business Look Like?

What does the Social Business look like? Some rough draft thoughts.

The Social Business will be fully realized when social technologies are leveraged to build collaborative relationships across all company stakeholders.  By leveraging social technologies in an open and transparent way businesses will also regain and build more trust among stakeholders. This increased trust will will result in greater knowledge creation, which the same social technologies have the ability to capture, organize and distribute at a yet to be seen level of efficiency. By building collaborative relationships with all company stakeholders using social technologies, businesses will be able to quickly create and capitalize more innovation.

Some definitions:

Social Media: The output of Web enabled open collaboration using social technologies.

Social Technologies: The technologies and tools used to communicate, collaborate and create on the Web such as blogs, microblogs, wiki’s and forums

Social Business: A business that has built a strategy around leveraging social technologies and social media to maximize the relationships with all company stakeholders.

Collaborative Relationships: Open transparent and mutually beneficial relationships between companies and its stakeholders.

Stakeholders: A companies employees, customers, shareholders, partners and competitors, past, present and future (basically everyone).

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been “working on a book.” I’ve been working on said book for about three years. Maybe this year is the year I finish it. The above is my most recent raw notes from the book writing process. Since I like to bounce my ideas off all of you I thought I’d solicit your feedback here. Let me know what you think.

I’m really excited to go to the Dachis Group‘s Social Business Summit next month because I want to test my above theories against the smartest people working on the vision for the Social Business? That and I’ll finally get to meet Peter Kim.

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  • http://www.marksnewnormal.com Mark A Carbone


    I would modify the following:

    I would find a way to add mobile apps and possibly mention SRM (Social CRM) in that definition and take out forums from description. If not SRM, find a way to incorporate the intent of the following situation I run into.

    We are taking clients from our ERP systems to Social ERP out of necessity because as we help clients enter the social game they cannot handle all the new data we collect with the new social business intelligence we give them when we setup their Social Media Monitoring Posts. I'm seeing failures and some clients giving up if we do not find a way to strongly tie their legacy systems or install new ones in place that tie all new SRM processes with existing CRM and regular business processes in the company.

    I like your definition better but here is my current working one - - -
    An organization with a transparent leader who fuses strategically chosen social technologies into the corporate culture, business model and systems.

    I would love to help you in any way I can. Let me know.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Thanks for the feedback. I'd love to hear about the social ERP and CRM work you're doing sometime.

  • http://www.marksnewnormal.com Mark A Carbone

    Love to talk to you more as well. About to have our first baby in about a week!!!! I'll contact you soon.

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  • gravitygardener

    Outstanding Customer Service is an evolutionary process that can take months or even years to develop. Improving customer satisfaction has to start with the culture from executive management down through the organization. It must be entrenched within the company so that every decision be focused on what the client needs, wants or demands.

    From the product line to the receptionist, your customer face should always carry a consistent message of service and quality. If these messages are not conveyed at every level of the organization, your customer will eventually find your competitor and go elsewhere.

    Gravity Garden

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