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2010 Social Media Prediction Report Card

Last year I did like every other social media blogger out there and made some predictions for 2010. I actually posted two different sets of predictions. My first set of predictions were 5 year predictions that I saw happening over the next 5 years. These were, in my view at the time, the far riskier [...]

The Scoop on Building Community with GovLoop

Coming off the great week I had last week attending and speaking at the Social Media for Defense and Government conference I’m still trying to post all of my thoughts. You can see all of my conf posts here. The great thing about going to The Social Media for Defense and Government conference is that [...]

Corporate Social Media Backlash: The Virtual Firewall

In December I predicted that over the next 5 years we would see intranets begin to integrate with social networks. I’ve seen some signs recently that this might take longer than I anticipated (but trust me it will happen). The intranet is a metaphor for corporate control. Intranets are secure networks of communication. Employees can [...]

Facebook Takes on Google Reader: Who Said RSS is Dead?

I’ve been playing around with Facebook. Both how to promote brands on Facebook as well as how users consume content within the walled garden (hint: there’s a direct correlation between the two). As blogs and media networks extend their reach using Facebook Pages, I noticed something interesting: Facebook can be used as an RSS reader. [...]

Search, Discovery and Curation

While @gearheadgal may never speak to me again my post from earlier this week, 3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search, sparked some healthy debate. (BTW debate is a good thing, it’s healthy, respectful and we should all do it more.) In my post I pointed to some recently reported trends that social media [...]

Facebook is the Mashup of My Life

This post was cross posted from my hyperbored blog but I thought it was applicable here too. As Facebook has grown to become the dominant social network a strange thing has happened: My World’s are colliding. Some people are uncomfortable with the mix of personal and work life that Facebook has come to represent. That [...]

Top 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years in Business Social Media [2010 Edition]

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account I spend a lot of time predicting the future and every year I look out over the next 5 years. You are reading the 2010 edition.  The 2011 edition is here. You can also see my top 10 2010 predictions and [...]

The Future of HR and Social Media: Facebook Connect?

Image via Wikipedia Social Media is not just for Marketers. This was half of my point almost 3 years ago when I started this blog. It is a communications and collaboration tool. Probably the most powerful tool we’ve ever seen. Some new research is out looking at social media for employee communications. Employers Increasing Use [...]

What your Startup can Learn from an Indie Band about CRM

I thought this was pretty smart. I actually think it’s brilliant and every Web startup out there needs to wake up. Building a Facebook or iPhone app is one thing but an app that’s tired into a CRM system?  Not many bands get the value of CRM. Hell not many startups get the value of [...]

Your Life Stream Needs a Life

Image by ANVAR - SO BUSY RUSSIANTEXAN © via Flickr What does your life stream say about your life? The biggest irony in what many people call a life stream is there’s no “life” to it. Sharing interesting link is great, thanks keep it up. Sharing links with some extra context is also greatly appreciated [...]

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