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Wake Up PR and Advertising! You’re Blowing It!

Next month will mark the 2 year point from when I joined Waggener Edstrom’s, Studio D group. Waggener Edstrom has it’s roots in PR and most of clients still are in PR but I’m not a PR person. I don’t think of myself as a story teller or a journalist and I definitely don’t do [...]

PR and Social Media: The Power of Answering Questions

There’s a lot of power in asking questions. The Socratic Method first brought to life the power of asking illuminating questions but the power behind asking questions is readily used in the fields of psychiatry, journalism, teaching and consulting, just to name a few. But sometimes I think the power of answering questions is highly underrated. No [...]

Is PR Missing Out on the Mobile Revolution?

PR, as an industry, is not known for being a group of early adopters. Social media has been a bit of an exception. While the entire industry may not have adopted social media early on, many of social media’s early evangelists came from the field of PR. The argument is that there was an obvious [...]

3 Rockstar Blogs To Read [August]

August is the blog network edition. While I normally try and focus these monthly recommendations on blogs that most people haven’t heard, this months Rockstar blogs are bigger, professional blogs but they’re not the blog giants that most people think about. In fact I’ve come to prefer these blogs for my social media, Web tech news. [...]

My Advice to PR on How to Communicate With Marketers

Use PowerPoint, not Word. Seriously. I know you were expecting some answer like use more data or numbers or talk slow, but one of the biggest problems I’ve seen when PR tries to integrate with marketing is that they aren’t presenting the message right. When I first started at HP in a Global Marketing Unit [...]

The Marketing PR Communications Consolidation Has Begun

Last year I made 5 predictions that would play out over the next 5 years. One of those was that social media would drive a consolidation between internal PR and Marketing groups. Top 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years in Business Social Media 2) Marketing Communications Consolidation- We will begin to see big companies [...]

The Responsibility and Value of Connectors

I’ve come to realize that what most people call thought leader is just the byproduct of being a connector.  Almost every RFP I’ve seen in the last year has had some wording about wanting to be a thought leader. Being a thought leader today requires more than being smart. Being smart is kind of a [...]

If Collaboration is the Killer App for Bussiness

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about collaboration, open business models and open innovation. When I think about the future of business, how it operates and how its structured and if collaboration really becomes the killer app… What happens when collaboration with all stakeholders is fully integrated into all parts of your business? Customer [...]

Don’t Mess With My Friends

Is there anything we are more passionate about than friends and family? I doubt it. Netfix is learning that right now. They recently killed the little used, but obviously much loved (for those who used it) Friends feature. This was a social feature on Netflix that allowed users to add friends and create lists of [...]

Stickybits is Google Sidewiki for the Real World

The Internet of things is the one of the next big side effects of our always on, always mobile lifestyles. McKinsey recently released a report on the implications of the Internet of things. I saw this coming to life this weekend. At SXSW everyone was given a little packet of stickers. Actually everyone was given [...]

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