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Search As Content: What Does It Mean To Publishers In The Age of Social Media?

Search is changing. And it’s only going to keep changing. Not only are Bing and Google adding social data to the search results and trying to return more relevant results based on your social graph, but the change doesn’t end there. Bing particularly has been pushing the envelope on what they do with all the [...]

Twitter to SXSW: You’re Using Our Product Too Much.

I’m at the Dachis Social Business Summit here in Austin right before SXSW kicks off. Like all conferences they’ve established a hashtag #sbs2010. While trying to follow along with the rest of my attendees, to see who’s here and what’s resonating with them and I got this message Possibly the most disruptive technology in social [...]

3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search

The two main drivers of search are, news and finding something you already know exists. I recently wrote about how in an apples to oranges comparison bitly was challenging Google. One commenter thought I was a loon or a complete idiot for trying to compare the two. In all fairness I may not have explained [...]

Is Bitly Bigger than Google?

That’s the question I had to ask after seeing this post by John Borthwick with this chart. I recently wrote a post on Bitly’s new search feature. It turns out that’s a bigger deal I thought initially. The chart is about impossible to read but if you look in the upper right hand corner you’ll [...]

Social Media Makes Search More Wicked [Bitly vs Feedly]

Wicked I love wicked problems. No, not that type of wicked. A wicked problem is a problem where the more you learn about it the harder it gets. Search is a wicked problem. Scaling social networks is a wicked problem. Searching real time social data is a very, very wicked problem. I use url shortener [...]

Googles Real Time Twitter Search Stream

On my phone I noticed a comment from David Armano about him heading over to Edelman. I flipped open my laptop and did a quick search when what do I see? Real time Twitter results scrolling by on Google. Wow, that’s new. So I asked on Twitter if others were seeing this. I got a [...]

No surprise BackType’s new site focuses on search

One of my favorite things about social media is the revolution shaping up around search. The thing I love about BackType is they only focus on comments, where ever those may be. You’ll see evidence of this in my comments brought in through Discuss. Not the blogs just the comments. And they’re turning that into [...]

Social Media is a Wicked Problem

I know this is a ‘no duh’ for most people but I had an epiphany about the way I think about content “consumption”. We don’t consume content. In fact every interaction with every piece of online content only serves to create more content. Every click, every rating, share, new link, comment, new blog post, etc, [...]

Either Wikipedians are Wicked Fast or Google News is Getting Slower

News is supposed to be fresh and current. An encyclopedia is a reference for archived information not news. Right? Read\Write Web is reporting that Google News alerts are now turning up Wikipedia entries. Google News May Add Wikipedia as a Source When was the last time you used Google News? Either those Wikipedian’s are wicked [...]

Excuse me, News Industry. Why did you matter? I forgot.

Image via Wikipedia I want you to think back over the last decade. First mainstream media had to take part of their sites online to keep up with these crazy portal pages. Then Google came along and scattered their content to the wind. Bringing them more online readers than they knew how to monitize. That’s [...]

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