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Twitter to SXSW: You’re Using Our Product Too Much.

I’m at the Dachis Social Business Summit here in Austin right before SXSW kicks off. Like all conferences they’ve established a hashtag #sbs2010. While trying to follow along with the rest of my attendees, to see who’s here and what’s resonating with them and I got this message

Possibly the most disruptive technology in social media was when Twitter acquired Summize which later became Twitter search and they’re limiting it at probably the biggest geek event of the year, SXSW, the very even that launched  Twitter several years ago. And the SXSW Interactive hasn’t even started yet.

Could you imagine if Bing limited search right now as they’re trying to compete with Google? Twitter is the little train that could and is competing/with partnering against/with, Google, Bing and Facebook.

I couldn’t think of a worse move. AT&T knows SXSW is going to be huge and they’re beefing up coverage just for the event.

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Social media anthropologist. Communications strategist. Business model junkie. Chief blogger here at New Comm Biz.

  • http://twitter.com/jimstorer Jim Storer

    Summize… I think you mean “Twitter acquired Summize.”

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    LOL, thanks Jim. Fixed.

  • http://adamhcohen.com adamcohen

    I feel forced to use 3rd party apps - I'm flipping back and forth between Tweetdeck and http://tweetchat.com to get through it.

  • seanodotcom

    I also think you mean “they're”, not “their.”

  • BlairJCampbell

    I could see being upset if it didn't include the “If you believe you are using Twitter search normally…” message.
    They're just trying to protect the service. It's not like it's ironclad or a personal attack on SXSW. It's a generalized rule across all accounts.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    I love crowdsourcing my proofreading :)

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    I understand that but it's not like SXSW snuck up on them. It's not like they couldn't predict a huge surge in use this week from Austin. Instead of prepping for it hundreds of their loyalist fans will get this instead.

  • http://www.threepixeldrift.com/ Taylor Satula

    “the very even that launched Twitter” should be “the very event

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Thanks, this is why I don't live blog :)

  • BlairJCampbell

    But this is a reaction to someone hitting the search button too much. It has nothing to do with SXSW or what search terms you are using. If you sat there searching for “Kitty Cats” constantly from the same IP address you would get the same message.
    Don't see how this is an indictment against Twitter. It's just them protecting their servers from Spammers and Bots that constantly search for terms and clog up the system.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Yes and in the process they're giving their customers a bad experience. My point is that they are smart people and could have anticipated the huge demand they're going to have in Austin this week.

  • BlairJCampbell

    Number 1- It's not SXSW yet.
    Number 2- I don't see how stopping Spammers is giving people a bad experience. I'd rather someone have issues with constantly searching for a hashtag then having my feed flooded with spam replies or bizarre followers.
    Number 3- I have to use the search functions quite a lot, and I'm curious just how often you have to be hitting that button before it comes up. I have never seen that before.
    Number 4- It just seems like the article was trying to be inflammatory for no real reason. It's like writing how your house's builders hated you because you have to open a door whenever you want to leave the house. It's not there to inconvenience you. It's there to protect you.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    It actually is SXSW right now (the film part is happening now). It's not SXSWi until tomorrow and it's already having problems. It's not just me, like I said in my post, I'm at the Social Business Summit and there are about 75 people here experiencing the rate restrictions. And it's giving people a bad experience because we're not spammers we're legitimate users who can't use a core functionality of the site.

    And just out of curiosity, how is that protecting me? They're restricting the search rate limit not the posting rate limit.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Yeah, I actually had to use my phone and Google's update search functionality. I didn't think about tweetchat. Thanks for the tip.

  • BlairJCampbell

    The Spammers are not able to post or send messages to people if they don't know who to send them to, right?
    Let's say you mention the word Bagel and get followed and spammed by the evil Bagel cartel. If they limit the amount of people that the evil Bagel people can search for and hunt down, they'll limit the usefulness of that approach.
    If you are up in arms about something like search functions being restricted, how much more would you be angered by a post rate limit? After all, that's the major reason behind Twitter. Posting little blurbs. The social “What's going on over here?” aspect is secondary.

  • http://www.seanpaune.com/2010/03/12/the-braindead-techcast-ep-22-location-location-location-eh-who-cares/ The Braindead Techcast Ep. 22: Location, location, location … eh who cares - SeanPAune.com

    [...] Twitter to SXSW: You’re Using Our Product Too Much. – New Comm Biz Revenge of the Cable Guys – BusinessWeek [...]

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Blair, you're awesome! Thanks for the comments and the passion. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope I wasn't too big of an annoyance. My post was not meant to be as inflammatory as I apparently came off.

    Honestly I was just in shock, not angry. To limit any IP in Austin this week of all weeks, seemed irrational from a PR/Marketing perspective. It obviously makes perfect sense from a technical perspective. But as someone who has to deal with big events for really big companies like T-Mobile, Bing & Microsoft I couldn't imagine anything worse than doing this to customers. For my clients it would be a PR nightmare. For Twitter I guess we've just come to accept it.

  • twanr

    It says “i you believe you are using twitter normally, let us know” have you tried that?

  • http://twitter.com/warzabidul Richard A.

    It's twitter, you know it's a shoddy appalling mess that no one can leave because of community.

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