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Mobile Monday: Consumer Impact, Android Trouble, Tablet Trends and Gaming [10 Links]

I know I just did a 10 Links post last Monday but I couldn’t help myself. And if there’s one category that’s dominated my 10 Links posts, it’s Mobile. Admittedly, I love mobile. I love the phones (all of them). I love the apps (not all of them). But what I love the most is [...]

Google+ Will Succeed Where FriendFeed, Buzz and Wave Failed. But Will It Go Mainstream? [10+ Links]

You can find the Google+ thread I found this image of Tyler Durden on here. My 10 Links posts are in a way a homage to the original Google search results, which were always 10 links. That isn’t really the case anymore but the remnants are still there. With all the *Buzz* about Google+ it seemed like [...]

Why the Button War? Because Content is Social Currency [10 Links]

With all the news about buttons I thought it was time to do another 10 Links post. Buttons (as well as stickers and patches) have been a core marketing tool for decades, possibly centuries. Political buttons are one of the most well known early implementation of button marketing. When I owned the skateboard shop in Vegas, buttons [...]

Too Much Mobile: Social, Deals, Games, Questions and Tracking [10 Links]

If, like me, your job is to keep up on the latest trends and then translate that into actionable strategies for business and you’ve been trying to find follow the mobile space, your head is probably spinning. Even just this morning when I opened up my RSS reader I was bombarded with blog posts all [...]

Content Farms Under Fire But Not Going Away [10 Links]

Last summer I wrote a 10 links post about the rising conversation around content farms. The topic hasn’t gone away and neither have the content farms. On one side there’s been conversations around automating the content even more and some people are asking if the content farms can’t be used as a platform for more [...]

Quora Questions [10 Links]

I swore I wasn’t going to do a post on Quora this week because it seems like everyone and their blog is writing about #Quora this week. But all of that chatter has sparked so many questions from clients, friends and colleague’s that I’ve written enough reply’s that I couldn’t not re-purpose them as a [...]

The Love. The Hate. Facebook Groups [10 Links]

I’m working on (what I think is) a pretty great post on Facebook’s new groups feature aptly titled Facebook Groups which kills the old Facebook Groups pages. I’m still doing research and want to spend the weekend playing with the feature some more before I finalize my thoughts and the post. You can read Facebook’s own [...]

Cyborgs: Not Just Science Fiction [10 Links]

In case you weren’t aware this month is Cyborg Month. So to break from my normal programming I thought I would bring you a special episode of 10 Links dedicated to Cyborgs. To me this is a fascinating topic not just because it’s geeky fun but because it’s a reality now and has a larger [...]

The Hype and Reality of Social Coupons [10 Links]

Following on my 10 Links post on the Future of Retail (yes I even used the same picture) I present to you 10 Links about the growing Mobile, Geolocation, Social Shopping, Coupon Craze. My 10 Links posts don’t draw any conclusions for you but instead I try and share with you some of the roadsigns [...]

Social CRM: What Is It And Where Is It Going? [10 Links]

Earlier this week I shared 10 Links on Content Farms. As I said then: “When I’m *predicting the future* I find it helpful to look at the recent and recently past developments of an industry.” I think sometimes us bloggers jump to quickly in to trying to provide our readers with the answers instead of [...]

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