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Cyborgs: Not Just Science Fiction [10 Links]

In case you weren’t aware this month is Cyborg Month. So to break from my normal programming I thought I would bring you a special episode of 10 Links dedicated to Cyborgs.

To me this is a fascinating topic not just because it’s geeky fun but because it’s a reality now and has a larger impact on us and our future than we think.

1 ) What is a Cyborg: A guide to the history of Cyborgs.

2 ) 50 Posts About Cyborgs: A Tumblr blog curating 50 posts about cyborgs. He’s almost halfway through.

3 ) Of networked buildings and architectural neurology: “Imagine a zombie horror film, complete with stumbling hordes guided not by demonic hunger but by the malfunctioning HVAC system of a building outside town…”

4 ) Researchers make artificial skin from nanowires so a robot can unload your dishwasher: Okay so this is more robot related but still an important development if we’re going to create realistic, artificial arms for cyborgs. Even if I’m a cyborg, my wife’s still going to expect me to help with the dishes.

5 ) My Favorite Cyborg Anthropologist: Colleague, Tyler Sticka profiles Amber Case a Cyborg Anthropologist.

6 ) O’Reilly Webcast on Cyborg Anthropology: Speaking of which; here’s Amber’s webcast on Cyborg Anthropology.

7 ) SPACE REPLACED BY MACHINES: [C]yborg architecture and cyborg urbanism: neurologically interactive spaces that, directly or indirectly, integrate the built environment with a living body.

8 ) Humanist transhumanism: Citizen Cyborg: This one is 5 years old from Boing Boing. It’s a book review of James Hughes’s “Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future.”

9 ) Eyeborg: What list about cyborgs would be complete without an actual cyborg. Ever hear about that guy with one eye that replaced his artificial eye with a camera? This is that guy.

10 ) Session notes from Chris Fahley - The Human Interface / wv2010: Former HP colleague William Hertling posts his session notes from a rather tasty looking Web Visions conference.

Photo credit bpopculturegeek.com

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