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Evolution vs. Revolution: Which is Better for Organizational Change?

It’s time for another 2 minute unedited video. Sorry about the glare in my glasses it’s actually kind of sunny here in Seattle today. Today’s topic is is what’s the best way to drive organizational change: Evolution or Revolution? Evolutionary Change = small, fast, iterative change that’s easier and safer to implement but harder to make stick [...]

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Innovate: RIP Flip

The Flip cam was a great device - a year and a half ago. I’ve shot some of my most successful client videos on a Flip.  I still use my Flip, in fact it’s what I use to shoot the video posts on this blog. Today Cisco killed their video star, but October of 2009 [...]

We Need More Leaders

My HBS class had the great pleasure to hear from John Kotter today speak about Leadership and change. John Kotter started teaching at Harvard the year I was born. To say he has more experience with business and leadership than I have with life is not an exaggeration. John is incredibly passionate about his work. So much so [...]

My Favorite To-Do List Uber App

I’m a pretty digital guy. I almost always have two, if not three phones on me, plus my 80 gig iPod along with my 17 inch work laptop and my 11 inch netbook. I get strange looks at airport security when I have 3 different x-ray bins just for my tech. And I’m often known [...]

I Don’t Think I’m Cool Enough For Social Media Anymore

Tech companies are in love with pop stars these days. Twitter recently launched Discover Twitter for their 5th anniversary, pulling on such celebrities as Snoop Dogg. Salesforce.com tapped The Black Eyed Peas to promote Chatter at the Super Bowl. Google recently tapped Lady Gaga for an event called “Google Goes Gaga.” Wow. I’m not that audience. I knew [...]

Internet TV is at a Tipping Point. Hulu Could Push it Over The Edge.

When it comes to media there are two things I have never paid for because it never seemed like it was worth the money: A newspaper subscription and cable TV. I recently learned that I’m what you call a “cord cutter.” No I don’t run around cutting cords but I’m someone who doesn’t have cable. [...]

Raw Video is the New Press Release

This is not a “Kill the Press Release” post. So if you came here looking for a fight you’ll be disappointed. But I have noticed that while a journalists interest in a press release has almost completely disappeared their interest in raw video is insatiable. We were recently told by a journalist that they won’t [...]

A sneak peak at my 2010 Predictions

I’m working on a post with my predictions for 2010 but here’s two videos from the Seattle Social Media Breakfast that should give you a hint what I’m thinking. Many of you know that I’ve been “helping” (I use that term loosely) with the Seattle Social Media Breakfast. We had our first event this month [...]

Video is Now a Must Have for Marketing and PR

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr So after much ranting on my part it turns out that the new Flip will be getting WiFi. The next Flip camera will have Wi-Fi Next-gen Flip camcorder to boast Wi-Fi - Pocket-lint Why do I care so much? I love my Flip. It goes almost everywhere with me [...]

So I Guess Flip Won’t be Fighting Back

Last week I wondered what Flip might do to fight against the inevitable release of an iPod Touch with a camera. Apparently I was too late with my recommendations. Gizmodo has the details on the new upgraded Flip. A little bigger screen, slightly better software and built in upload to Myspace and Facebook. Oh yeah [...]

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