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Scaling the Social Media Strategist: The Presentation

On Monday I had the opportunity to present at Social Media Club Portland on the topic of Scaling the Social Media Strategist. This Friday I’ll be presenting in Portland again at WebVisions on the topic of How to Build a Community Around Your Company that Won’t Turn on You. I always struggle with how to recap [...]

Your Next Boss Could Be An App

At the start of the year I made my usual 5 Predictions for the next 5 years. My very first prediction was that we would see more and more crowdsourcing and that it would start to become a viable way to make a living. While we’re still a few years out (remember these were 5 [...]

Vilifying Multitasking and Fear Mongering is Counterproductive

As I write this post I’m listening to my headphones, my foot tapping along to the music. This morning while I was driving in to work I was listening to the audio of James Gleick’s The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood. Wasn’t my brain doing more than one thing at a time? That doesn’t [...]

Are Job Hopping Social Media Strategists Hurting Their Careers?

This one goes out with love to all you social media, job hopping, circus freaks. You are my people. There’s got to be a joke in here somewhere: This afternoon I listened to a Russian talk about employee management. But seriously, Boris Groysberg is an amazing teacher and very funny. Boris spoke to our HBS  class about [...]

The Social Media Strategists Workout

I’m pretty active on social media. (That was my annual submission to the understatement of the year award.) I’m an over sharer on pretty much any social network I join, but I have leveled off over the last year. I’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm and am happy with my routine. When talking to coworkers or clients [...]

How To Listen To Early Adopters Without Getting Distracted

I belong to a weird little group of people that think differently from most of you. It’s not just the ADD (although I suspect there’s more there than people realize). We go by many names: Early Adopters, Futurists, Trend Watchers, Disruptors, Change Agents, That Crazy Guy. The World is full of us. Social media and tech [...]

Are You Inspired By Your Work? If Not You Are Wasting Your Time.

I truly believe that everything about how and why we work has changed. There is no reason to do anything you aren’t inspired to do, if you’re not inspired you are wasting your time and no amount of managerial motivation will change that. I’ve raved about Daniel Pink‘s new book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What [...]

Social Media Experience Is A Must Have For Marketing Jobs

In a recent client meeting the comment was made that they weren’t hiring anyone new unless they also had social media experience. Not that they were hiring only people to do social media but that they ALSO had to have social experience. So in addition to whatever marketing job they were being hired for they [...]

The Two Most Important Skills Of The New Leaders.

Silos beget compliance. Silos are getting in our way and so is compliance. Things are changing but it’s changing slower than many of us would like. In the meantime we’re left with porous organizations with the semblance of vertical structures (and the illusion of control). Consciously or subconsciously we do not like to give up power. As the [...]

Solving Problems vs Fixing Problems

As I was traveling to SXSW last night I was struck by a thought about most of the PR & Marketing industry: We fix problems. Solving a problem is what people do when they figure things out for the first time. When you solve a problem you create a solution. The next time you solve [...]

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