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Should Brands Build Their Own Social Networks?

The short answer is yes. Brands should build their own social networks, especially when you think of it in the non-digital sense. But should brands build their own social networking site? That’s a more complicated question. This is a question I used to get multiple times a week… 3 or 4 years ago. I don’t get [...]

Social Robots: We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us.

There was a great piece this morning by John Hagel reviewing Sherry Turkle’s new book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, and combining that with several other things I’ve read lately, the post got me thinking about Social Robots. I have not read Sherry’s book but I have [...]

Facebook is Trying to Digitize and Extend Your Offline World. Like It or Not.

Last week Facebook announced some major changes to Facebook Groups. First off let’s just realize that anytime Facebook or any major website changes something that a significant percentage of the sites users will complain. People don’t like change and they especially don’t like feeling like they have no control. (I actually think that feelings of [...]

The Love. The Hate. Facebook Groups [10 Links]

I’m working on (what I think is) a pretty great post on Facebook’s new groups feature aptly titled Facebook Groups which kills the old Facebook Groups pages. I’m still doing research and want to spend the weekend playing with the feature some more before I finalize my thoughts and the post. You can read Facebook’s own [...]

The Future of Employee Retention

Does Employee Retention Matter Anymore? Do you know what’s worse than losing your best employees? Keeping your worst. Even amidst the current recession with unemployment numbers among the highest they’ve been in my life time top talent is hard to come by, especially if you have the newer skill sets and experience needed by socially [...]

Your Personal Brand is Not About You

Personal branding is not about you. It requires a lot of hard work, persistence in the face of repeated failure and the confidence to take a stand for something but despite the blood sweat and tear you put in it’s not about you. Building your platform Building a recognizable brand, even within your community or [...]

3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search

The two main drivers of search are, news and finding something you already know exists. I recently wrote about how in an apples to oranges comparison bitly was challenging Google. One commenter thought I was a loon or a complete idiot for trying to compare the two. In all fairness I may not have explained [...]

Social Meida Complicates the Never Ending Battle of Privacy and Spam

Image by Getty Images via Daylife From the moment that Marketing was created the battle over customer privacy and spam began. It may not have been called privacy or spam when the first salesperson knocked on someone’s door during dinner but the same thinking was in play. Few companies have fought more battles between Privacy [...]

Moms Love Facebook. Will Love it Even More After the Movie.

It’s no secret that mom’s have embraced social networking probably faster  than any other segment over the last 2 years. You couldn’t throw a stick at a local PTA meeting without hitting a mom with a blog. And they have swarmed to Facebook. In fact when we moved into our new house all the moms [...]

Ask, and TweetDeck Giveth

Image by via CrunchBase I love TweetDeck. There are very few apps that I would declare a love affair with. If it wasn’t for TweetDeck there is no way I could be as effective, efficient and engaged as I am on Twitter with 1400+ followers. Dividing multiple followers into multiple columns is a true life [...]

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