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Bloggers Love Self Reflection

I do so enjoy self-reflection. I’d promise this is my last reflective look of 2009 but I’m afraid I’d make a liar out of myself. Off to the right of this blog you’ll see the Top 10 posts according to the WordPress Popularity Contest widget as well as the Top 10 posts according to PostRank. [...]

Posterous Overtakes FriendFeed, Set to Overtake Delicious.

Image via CrunchBase Posterous has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Most people see it as a great way to fill that gap between a tweet and a blog. Some people see it as a next generation content management systems for the Web. Other people see it as a lifestream. Whatever you want to [...]

What the Heck is a Lifestream?

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday at day 1 of BlogWorld, I sat in on Steve Rubel’s presentation on Lifestreaming and business. He had some solid observations and recommendations for businesses to become ubiquitous Online. If you’re familliar with Steve’s blog (if you’re not you need to be) or read this blog regularly then you’re familliar with [...]

FriendFeed as Group RSS Reader [All Things M]

Image via CrunchBase One of the things I love about FriendFeed is it’s versatility. Yes I know FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook and some are dooming it to extinction and I also realize thatsome people believe “RSS is dead.” Whatevs. I love FriendFeed and I love RSS even more. If I were kip I’d write [...]

How Do You Prioritize Your Social Media?

Image by luc legay via Flickr I’ve recently received a few inquiries from friends. They’ve noticed that I haven’t been as conversational on Twitter lately. I still highly value the conversations on Twitter I just don’t actively participate as much as I used to. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that [...]

An Interview with Retweet.com about Ripping off Tweetmeme.com

I often wonder if first mover advantage really means much anymore. Facebook wasn’t the first social network. Of course neither was MySpace. The iPod was not the first MP3 player. HP isn’t even close to being the first PC maker. Microsoft did not invent word processing software. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. Big [...]

Is Twitter Shopping for a Business Model?

VentureBeat has an article on Twitter and their move to launch premium corporate accounts. One thing that caught my eye: Twitter to roll out commercial accounts this year | VentureBeat He also wouldn’t rule out the possibility of further acquisitions, acknowledging that Twitter had talked to FriendFeed about acquiring the company before it was bought [...]

Why Would You NOT Blog?

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr Following yesterday’s post (and months of posts really) about how easy Posterous makes blogging, why would you NOT blog? Seriously it’s so freaking easy? If sending an email is too tough, check out Tumblr. Pulling an RSS feed doesn’t get any easier. Check out my music blog http://tacanderson.tumblr.com/. The [...]

FriendFeed is Facebooks Summize. It’s All About Search.

Image via CrunchBase No one listens to me. You snooze you loose. I obviously have no idea why FriendFeed took the FaceBook deal. I’m willing to bet that many of the smart people below are right. What I do know: Facebook has been stealing FriendFeed features for the past year. Facebook will need better search. [...]

Who I Think Should Buy FriendFeed and Bit.ly

Image by Getty Images via Daylife If I were Acxiom I’d be going on a social media buying spree. Companies like Bit.ly or FriendFeed. Match what they know with real time behavior data. The great thing about URL shorteners like Bit.ly is they permeate the walled gardens like Facebook and the great thing about FriendFeed [...]

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