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Is Twitter Shopping for a Business Model?

VentureBeat has an article on Twitter and their move to launch premium corporate accounts. One thing that caught my eye:

Twitter to roll out commercial accounts this year | VentureBeat

He also wouldn’t rule out the possibility of further acquisitions, acknowledging that Twitter had talked to FriendFeed about acquiring the company before it was bought by Facebook.

“We’re at a point where even though we’re only two years old, acquisitions are definitely possible,” Stone said.

Twitter’s already done one before. It bought Summize last year to build out Twitter’s search capabilities, a move that seems to have turned out well.

Why did I find this so interesting? Because I made a prediction back in March that Twitter would acquire it’s business model. They’re sitting on loads of cash and no sustainable business model (premium accounts will not support Twitter, it’s just easy money).

New Comm Biz » Will Twitter build or acquire a business model?

With an open API, more buzz than most think they deserve and a boat load of VC cash I think eventually Twitter will go on a shopping spree. They’ve already demonstrated the ability and desire to do this with their purchase of Summize and Values of N (while the latter was really just a talent acquisition).

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