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I’m Open Sourcing The Business Plans I Never Used

The Long Tail Broken Out by Business Models
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I’ve mentioned before that I came really close (a few times) to launching my own startup. During that time I’ve developed several business plans. I want to open source these plans. I’m not going to do anything with them but if you would like to you can have them. Just let me know if you do anything with it.

You may wonder why I’m giving these away. I’ve got no shortage of ideas. There’s more where this came from. Like the personality test I just got back said:

“Tac may generate more ideas, possibilities and plans in one day than others might manage in a month.”

Here’s the first one (it was my favorite). I’ll post the others later.


No one ever liked the name. Maybe you’ll come up with a better one. Twogger was an idea I developed a year ago. It was meant to bridge the gap between Twitter and a full blog. Basically it was meant to target that space Posterous and Tumblr are doing such a great job hitting.But I think there’s room for a lot more.

3 Great Light Blogging Tools Compared

The core of the idea started when I had two needs: The need for a place to post my non-blog stuff that was too long for Twitter. The other desire I had was to be able to add @ and # to my posts and have them automagically link the way Twitter does to user accounts and search terms (something no one’s done yet). I also wanted to help bridge the gap between regular blogging and Twitter, with replies and comments tied back and forth between them.

My exit strategy was to be acquired by Twitter. The backup plan was much more vague, a specialized agency or media company or something :)

Twitter in 2010: Acquisitions and Revenue says Biz Stone.

In his latest stop off, Tel-Aviv, the entrepreneur has confirmed more acquisitions are in the pipeline for 2010.

“That is something we are definitely interested in…We made an acquisition last year that turned out to be an outstandingly good decision.”

“As our attention is grabbed by some of these developers, we will take a hard look at them,” Stone said.

Displayed below is the PowerPoint of the plan that I actually presented to VC’s (and they didn’t laugh me out of the room). Below that are the first user stories. There’s no financial models because ours were rough at best (of course) and the markets changed in the last year. You’ll have to do that part by yourself, sorry.

User Story -

Creating an account and Posting
Create user profile with Twitter account
User can post to twogger via email
User can post to twogger using web interface
All twogger updates create twitter updates
Users see a shortened url link in twitter posts
Url clicks are tracked in the database
Users post comments to twogger posts
Username and password (Twitter) is optional to input for post comments
Retweets in Twitter update twogger comments

Managing your account
Login using twitter credentials
greeted w/ unique email to post to twog.gr
profile and pic pulled from twitter w/ option to change
Twitter Roll - list of top twitter friends, using @username
Additional Web links
Pull in Twitpics account into sidebar display
Pull in stats from TwiterGrader or other Twitter stats app and display in sidebar

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    The need for a place to post my non-blog stuff that was too long for Twitter.

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