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What does your job title say about you? Mine says I’ll be out of work soon.

Paul Dunay wrote a very compelling post that if followed would lead to me being fired: Fire your Director of Social Media! | Buzz Marketing for Technology Ideally, I think you need to treat the role of the Director of Social Media as a way to activate the entire organization socially and then when that’s [...]

The Evolution of New Media, Web 2.0, Social Media, Social Business: A Brief History of Everything

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account. So what is Social Media? We know what it is when we see it. We can give you examples of social media but you’ll be hard pressed to get a very satisfactory answer out of anyone. Is it the opposite of [...]

Diigo v4 is the Best Social Bookmarking Tool Ever!

Image via CrunchBase To me social bookmarking is one of those basic tools anyone who works on the Web has to be using. If you took my social media basic training course you should now be signed up for Diigo. They just released the newest version of their services with some exciting updates. You can [...]

FriendFeed and Posterous Redefine Content Management Systems

Image via CrunchBase Following two posts on the topic of blog evolution comes some alerts that fuel more thoughts. I’m obviously geeking out here but please bear with me. The below alert talks about a recent move by Posterous that would allow it to become a defacto publishing tool for content producers. New on Posterous [...]

Are there no new business models?

So if you haven’t heard Chris Anderson revealed the business model of the future of the Web. (via TechCrunch) “Everything that becomes digital will become free. There will be a free version, either you will be competing with free or giving it away for free and selling something else. If it is not zero today, [...]

What Should We Ask Gary Vaynerchuk to do for this Blog?

Image by affiliatesummit via Flickr I don’t get a ton of blog pitches. Maybe 2 or 3 a month, tops. And 2.5 of those are usually complete crap. But this is probably the best one I’ve received. It’s not the pitch itself, that’s fine (the influx of readers line is a bit much). It’s the [...]

A Closer Look at HP’s Community Core Team

Now that I’m leaving HP, they are going to delete my neglected HP blog (unless I find someone at HP who wants to take it over). So there are a couple of posts I wanted to rescue from there and bring over here. Originally Published 8/5/08 A Closer Look at HP’s Community Core Team Many [...]

Best Blog Quote Ever via Steve Gillmor

This has to be the best line I’ve read in a blog (possibly anywhere) in quite a while. “the fallow ego-driven spew of the Warholian elites” If you live within the echo-chamber that it is the blogotwittersphere you’ll identify well with this quote. Steve also sums up why I’m so excited about the new evoltions [...]

Conversations as Data: We need new UI

Image by monsieurlam via Flickr This is another one of my thinking/blogging out loud posts so your feedback is appreciated and encouraged. I would also like to note that I am not a programmer and I’m sure my description of databases and UI is laughable to anyone that knows what they’re doing but these analogies [...]

Will Twitter build or acquire a business model?

5 years from now the non-early adopters will be using dozens of services built on top of Twitter and they won’t even realize it Q: When will we stop talking about Twitter’s business model? A: Never. Why do you think we’ll stop talking about it once they have a business model? Heck, a week doesn’t [...]

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