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Diigo v4 is the Best Social Bookmarking Tool Ever!

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To me social bookmarking is one of those basic tools anyone who works on the Web has to be using.

If you took my social media basic training course you should now be signed up for Diigo. They just released the newest version of their services with some exciting updates. You can read the Diigo blog post here or check out Diigo’s v4 FAQ.

I have been using Diigo for over 3 years now. What was my first bookmark? A story back in August of 2006 on the scary correlation between the rise of Web 2.0 and housing prices (doesn’t seem so crazy anymore does it?)  http://www.diigo.com/07bo3. That is an annotated link. Click it and even if you’re not using Diigo you’ll see the sections that I highlighted. Just one of the very cool features in Diigo.

Diigo snapshot

But imagine for a minute that the article or blog you bookmarked doesn’t exist anymore. Diigo crawls every page you bookmark and stores an HTML version. Plus as you’re bookmarking the page you can have Diigo take a snapshot of the page to save as a JPEG. This is especially handy for bloggers.

While you’re booking that page, saving an HTML version of it and taking a screen shot to later use in a blog or for whatever you can also tweet a link to the post. Talk about streamlining your work flow. Oh did I mention that you can also have Diigo auto post to your blog for you? I’m probably most excited about the fact that for the link posting feature they finally switched from TinyURL to Bit.ly because this was a feature I suggested back in January.

Other exciting features: a series of coming smart phone apps, the iPhone app is waiting approval. A significantly improved UI, better search, meta data and enhanced groups. Plus they have switched “friending” other users for the Twitter like “follow/following” relationship.

And as always for you Delicious users you can still cross post your bookmarks to your Delicious account. The best of both worlds.

Diigo is one of those tools that has more features than you could possible ever use (which is a little bit of it’s Achilles heel). Sean Brady has a whole series of videos explaining the new features in Diigo v4. Here’s the intro video.

Have I convinced you to use Diigo yet?

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  • http://blogger.seanabrady.net seanabrady

    Thanks for referencing and sharing my videos. I was lucky to be a part of the Diigo test phase for this new release, so was very happy to share the videos on release day. Great article, look forward to seeing you on Diigo.

  • BryanPerson

    Not yet, Tac, but that's because I'm quite happy with my social-bookmarking tool of choice, Delicious. I also have about three years worth of links invested there (my first bookmark is from December 2006). I use it mostly to track trends and case studies, which comes in handy when I'm putting together a presentation or a blog post.

    Diigo seems to have plenty of extra bells and whistles, but not sure I need them?

    Bryan | @BryanPerson

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Let me make two points Bryan:
    you can still have your bookmarks in Delicious, Diigo cross posts.
    Did you think you needed Twitter before you started using it?

    On Wednesday, September 30, 2009, Disqus

  • http://www.fitnessequipmentbox.com/ Fitness Daddy

    I have to say today is the first time I've heard of Diigo but from the excellent review you've given here, I'll definitely be incorporating it into my arsenal.
    Thanks for sharing

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