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Bit.ly Bundles: One Link To Rule Them All

Bit.ly just quietly announced a very cool feature yesterday. Bit.ly Bundles. Basically it’s the ability to bundle multiple links under one shortened URL. There are two very helpful use cases I see: Linking to multiple profiles and curating topical links. Linking To Multiple Profiles How many times have you seen people put URL’s in their [...]

Forget Domain Names and Microsites, Nike Uses Custom Bit.ly Links and Facebook

In the old days, when you launched a digital campaign you built a microsite with it’s own custom domain name. Now brands are opting for tabs on Facebook Pages but what do you do about domain names? Launching a social media campaign across multiple social networks is seriously a pain point for marketers. There is [...]

Bit.ly’s New Redesign: Search, Sharing And Stats

Some people have prematurely begun to add companies like Bit.ly and Tweetdeck to the deadpool now that Twitter has decided to get in the game. But the incumbent Twitter services aren’t about to let the fact that they are now competing with the mother service scare them. Betaworks has fascinated me from the very beginning. [...]

Search, Discovery and Curation

While @gearheadgal may never speak to me again my post from earlier this week, 3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search, sparked some healthy debate. (BTW debate is a good thing, it’s healthy, respectful and we should all do it more.) In my post I pointed to some recently reported trends that social media [...]

3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search

The two main drivers of search are, news and finding something you already know exists. I recently wrote about how in an apples to oranges comparison bitly was challenging Google. One commenter thought I was a loon or a complete idiot for trying to compare the two. In all fairness I may not have explained [...]

Is Bitly Bigger than Google?

That’s the question I had to ask after seeing this post by John Borthwick with this chart. I recently wrote a post on Bitly’s new search feature. It turns out that’s a bigger deal I thought initially. The chart is about impossible to read but if you look in the upper right hand corner you’ll [...]

Social Media Makes Search More Wicked [Bitly vs Feedly]

Wicked I love wicked problems. No, not that type of wicked. A wicked problem is a problem where the more you learn about it the harder it gets. Search is a wicked problem. Scaling social networks is a wicked problem. Searching real time social data is a very, very wicked problem. I use url shortener [...]

What is wrong with Bit.ly? [Update]

Updated: See below I love Bit.ly. I love it so much I’ve set up my clients with it. It’s a great tool for tracking clicks and conversations around tweets. But the last two days, multiple clients of mine have notice after logging in that they were logged in as someone else. Both of these screen [...]

Why URL Shorteners Are Important

Image by bpedro via Flickr There’s probably hundreds of URL shorteners now. Seriously, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. They’re really easy to build (there’s even a WordPress plugin that makes them out of your blog URL) and they are proving invaluable to content publishers. (NYT article on shorter URLs) Tinyurl was the first shortener. [...]

bit.ly takes you along the river of content

I think it’s well established that I geek out about weird things when it comes to content/communication on the Web. So I hope you’ll bear with me while I yet again show my geeky side. For those of you not familiar with URL shorteners; A URL shortener is a servive that takes really long URL’s [...]

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