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The Splinternet Fragmentation of the Inbox

Josh Bernoff has been posting lately on the demise of the Golden Age of the Internet and rise of the Splinternet. The Splinternet means the end of the Web’s golden age Now with iPhones, Androids, Kindles, Tablets, and TVs connecting to the Web, that’s not true. Your site may not work right on these devices, [...]

Ice Floes Over Magnetic Poles

There were two seemingly unrelated news stories this past week: 1. Apple’s new iPad, and 2. that lucky dog rescued from an ice floe in the Baltic Sea after drifting for over 100 miles. (Ice Station Zebra, the spy thriller yarn with a story centered around the ice of the North Pole was also on [...]

The Hive Awards: Celebrating the Unsung Hero

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. Last year Alan Wolk asked me to be on the board for a new project he was working on, The Hive Awards. I loved the idea immediately and happily jumped on board. The Hive Awards are designed to reward all the unsung heroes of the internet: [...]

Barack Obama vs Steve Jobs: Battle of the Super Presenters

Two big news events happened yesterday: Steve Jobs announced the iPad and Barack Obama presented on the State of the Union.There was a lot of hype leading up to both and I imagine most of the planet was aware of both. Both men are excellent presenters who command attention when they speak, but with two [...]

Search, Discovery and Curation

While @gearheadgal may never speak to me again my post from earlier this week, 3 Reasons Why Social Media is Killing Search, sparked some healthy debate. (BTW debate is a good thing, it’s healthy, respectful and we should all do it more.) In my post I pointed to some recently reported trends that social media [...]

Social Media is not a Telephone or Pants

You’ve all the heard the arguments about measuring social media: How do you measure the ROI of your telephone? Or my other favorite: What’s the ROI of putting on your pants in the morning? Seriously? Man, this ain’t my social media, this is a cell phone. Duh! The ROI of putting your pants on: In [...]

The Innovation Equation and Social Media Solution

I have a theory: The amount of Knowledge and quality of Collaboration a company is able to achieve directly effected by the level of Trust all parties have in the company.This is reflected in the potential value of the Innovation. Image by yuan2003 via Flickr (Knowledge x Collaboration) x Trust = Innovation Knowledge is the [...]

Being Trustworthy Isn’t About Feeling Good, It’s Smart Business

For a long time now I (and many many others) have been talking about transparency. I’ve even gone so far as to tell companies that they need to adopt a Transparent Business Strategy. The goal of a Transparent Strategy is to *have* trust. To have trust in others and to have the trust of others. [...]

Never chase a market leader. Instead start a new race.

Ignore the rumors and stop chasing Apple. Forbes has a good post on innovation. The irony is that the minute you say we want to innovate like Apple, you are no longer innovating. You’re iterating. Innovation Beyond Apple - Forbes.com When it comes to innovation, many executives in the consumer goods industry are chasing Apple. [...]

Maybe Your CEO Shouldn’t Blog.

I was asked once if CEO’s should blog. I started by saying that there are a lot of CEO’s who should not… (I then caught myself) There are a lot of people who will never and should never blog and there are many CEO’s who fit in that description. Image by Peter Kaminski via Flickr [...]

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