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Get Serious. Get to Work.

People ask me why I come to work at 7:00 am, why I subscribe to and read hundreds of blogs, why I read so many business books, why I blog so much, why I stay at work so late and why I sleep so little. Because I know that being good isn’t enough, having a [...]

PubSub Finally Rises From the Dead [Kind of]

[UPDATE: Bob Wyman, founder of PubSub, left several comments to this post clarifying many of my questions and assumptions in this post.] If you know PubSub (not to be confused with Google’s PubSubHubub) you’re an old timer in this space. PubSub was what Google Alerts was before Google Alerts existed. PubSub was the first example [...]

How to Manage an Overzealous Manager when Running Social Media

Overzealous Manager It amazes me that, to this day, I run into employees/agencies still trying to convince their managers/clients that they need to be doing social media. (Really? Still?) A more common problem that I run in to (and one I’m more than happy to help with) is that management is on board with social [...]

Chase Your Customers not Your Competition

Image by ryancbriggs via Flickr 2009 was the year of action. No longer was it good enough to talk about what companies *could* do, you needed to do it. If you presented at a conference and didn’t have any personal case studies of either yours or your companies you were wasting everyone’s time. Now that [...]

The Shift in Media and Marketing [Video + SlideShare]

Media and Marketing have forever shifted. They are dramatically changing the way companies and customers communicate. On December 15th I had the chance to present at LiveWorld‘s LiveBar NYC event and address this very topic. I had a great time and got to meet so many great people. Jill Anderson @mockery and Angela Dunn @blogbrevity [...]

A Collection of 2010 Social Media Predictions

As 2010 approaches there is  no shortage of 2010 predictions. (Mine included) I know some people get bored of these but I love them. I’ve been collecting a few to share with you here. Some of these I agree with some of these I don’t but I thought I’d let you make the call. Netscape, [...]

The New Comm Biz Twitter Page

To go along with the New Comm Biz Facebook page, mentioned earlier, I have started a separate New Comm Biz Twitter account. Why? As I shift the focus of this blog from just me and my opinions and bring in guest bloggers and contributors it made sense that there be a dedicated Twitter account associated [...]

Pepsi Drops the Super Bowl for Social Media

The fight for social media just got turned up to 11. There’s a lot of money at stake and everyone wants it. Ad agencies and traditional media will be doing their best to make advertising look and act more like social media. This is sad to me because I don’t think anyone owns social media. [...]

Top 10 2010 Social Media Predictions

Following yesterdays post on 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years here’s my Top 10 2010 Social Media Predictions. Unlike yesterday’s post where I was looking at the bigger trends that would shape our space this is a little more like playing fantasy football. I’m really just guessing. Facebook goes public at the end of [...]

Top 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years in Business Social Media

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr In this post I take a predictive look at social media and its effects on the future of business and communications? In a future post I’ll look at social media and the future of Journalism/Publishing and Marketing. Playing futurist is always fun. Nobody can prove you wrong (at least [...]