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Top 10 2010 Social Media Predictions

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My Best Guess

Following yesterdays post on 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years here’s my Top 10 2010 Social Media Predictions. Unlike yesterday’s post where I was looking at the bigger trends that would shape our space this is a little more like playing fantasy football. I’m really just guessing.

  1. Facebook goes public at the end of the year.
  2. Twitter reaches profitability but does not go public.
  3. There’s a huge developer backlash against Twitter because they keep building functionality several apps have pioneered.
  4. Murdoch delists Newscorp sites from Google (actually I doubt he’s ever going to do this but I want him to, just to see what happens).
  5. Dozens of new journalism startups spring up and quickly garner attention as they hire armies of laid of journalists.
  6. Murdoch relists Newscorp sites in Google before the years over.
  7. Phone apps loose their appeal in favor of mobile optimized web pages.
  8. Google Chrome OS does only slightly better than Ubuntu and fails to draw mainstream support.
  9. The iPhone looses major market share in 2010 to Android.
  10. Hyper local journalism fails to gain a sustainable business model beyond individual bloggers.

What are your predictions for 2010?

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  • http://jasonmarkow.com Jason Markow

    1. Foursquare surpasses Yelp.
    2. AR applications explode.
    3. Google does something big with voice tech.

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Nice ones.
    #1 would be interesting for sure and Google is definitely positioning themselves to make some major moves in voice.

  • garbnzgh

    #5.. I think these startups will be targeted niche/local
    #10.. (see above)

  • http://www.newcommbiz.com tacanderson

    Interesting, I bet you're right. I'm still skeptical of hyper local but that doesn't stop anyone from trying.

  • http://www.projectlineinc.com Corey Mahoney

    Nice & concrete.
    It will be interesting to see whether the opacity of Apple’s app-review process contributes to #9.

  • http://www.thegoldandoilguy.com/ Christina

    #5.. Android is definitely cheaper that iPhone, no doubt iPhone will loose market shares in 2010

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