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Will 2010 be the Death of Free and Open?

Image via Wikipedia Arrington, I’m really sorry, this seriously sucks. Mike Arrington can’t get a break. His Last startup, before TechCrunch became his full-time gig, Edgio, DeadPooled 2 years ago and now the CrunchPad joins it’s much older sibling in that same grave almost exactly 2 years later. This is disconcerting to me for a [...]

Random Thoughts (weekly)

HP Q4 profit rises to $2.4B - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: This is what scares me about the “jobless recovery”. Revenue, sales, jobs, everything except profit is down. Meaning they’re cutting there way to profit. You can only do that for so long. I’m worried about that second dip some keep mentioning [...]

I’m Open Sourcing The Business Plans I Never Used

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr I’ve mentioned before that I came really close (a few times) to launching my own startup. During that time I’ve developed several business plans. I want to open source these plans. I’m not going to do anything with them but if you would like to you can have them. [...]

What your Startup can Learn from an Indie Band about CRM

I thought this was pretty smart. I actually think it’s brilliant and every Web startup out there needs to wake up. Building a Facebook or iPhone app is one thing but an app that’s tired into a CRM system?  Not many bands get the value of CRM. Hell not many startups get the value of [...]

Forget, Unfriend. The new put down is the Un-Retweet.

(Note: I’ll be using RT to denote the manual or app enabled retweeting most of us use, and the spelled out ‘retweet’ to denote Twitters new native capability) As many of you may know one of Webster’s newest additions to their dictionary is “Unfriend” (apparently my spell check doesn’t realize that yet). It always seems [...]

Don’t ask, “Can I do this?” ask, “How can I do this?”

Image via Wikipedia Many of us live by the mantra “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.” This is true of many things until you expose your company to legal risk. Then you’re in for a world of hurt. Corporate lawyers frustrate communicators. They are overly conservative and risk averse. They never let us have [...]

Random Thoughts (weekly)

apophenia: Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out [book] If you’re trying to understand the diversity of youth practices involving new media, this is a book for you! tags: book, ncb, social, anthropology

Two Interviews About Social Media, SEO, Lifestreaming and Twitter Measurement

I was recently interviewed for two podcasts. I’ve been interviewed before but these two were especially cool for me. I used to Listen to the Mr SEO podcast years ago, before the company changed hands and relocated locally here in Seattle. And For Immediate Release is probably the podcast I’ve been subscribed to the longest [...]

Your Life Stream Needs a Life

Image by ANVAR - SO BUSY RUSSIANTEXAN © via Flickr What does your life stream say about your life? The biggest irony in what many people call a life stream is there’s no “life” to it. Sharing interesting link is great, thanks keep it up. Sharing links with some extra context is also greatly appreciated [...]

Twitter Doesn’t Create Influence, it Reveals it

You can’t read more than a handful of tweets before someone mentions influence. You also won’t find a Twitter measurement tool out there that doesn’t mention influence. Some may ask how Twitter made so many people influential. It didn’t. I’d agree that it has made some people *more* influential if only because it gave people [...]