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This is Why Google Scares the Sh*t Out of Companies

Wow. I mean really, WOW! One announcement of a Web based product that is currently inferior to your product that only runs on a very limited number of devices and your company looses Billions of dollars. Wow. This is what happened to TomTom and Garmin stock prices when Google announced Maps Navigation. I suspect their [...]

Pandora Makes Music Sharing on Twitter and Facebook Easier but not Music Blogging

Image by SqueegyX via Flickr I’ve had a music blog (kind of) for a while now - Wall-Notes. I say kind of because it’s a pretty effortless blog. And honestly it’s more like a link blog. When I listen to music in Pandora I figured out that there’s an RSS feed for the songs and [...]

The Time I was Written Up for Blogging

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr About a year and a half ago I was written up for blogging. It was kind of a weird moment and I’ve never really talked about it much. It wasn’t that big of a deal but I thought I’d share how it happened and what I learned from it. [...]

Facebook Fan Pages are the New Microsite

Image via Wikipedia Facebook has been on a very steady yet steep growth trajectory for years now. They consistently innovate (even if it’s just copying what others do). What can Facebook learn from Friendfeed? They are relentless at adding new features and are constantly changing their user experience and how they display posts. They’ve changed [...]

Why Business is Broken

Image via Wikipedia I believe companies need a complete overhaul from the inside out. From business models to internal and external communications practices. Why? Our processes, organizational structures, communications practices, systems for measuring ROI internally and externally and the vast majority of our business models were created in an age of triplicate carbon copy paper, [...]

Why it doesn’t matter how big Twitter gets

There’s a lot of chatter about the fire hose data deals Twitter is making and will continue to make. The holy grail of data filtering in our over data flooded world is surfacing the quality content above irrelevant noise. This has proven to be the true value of Twitter. This strength is serious enough to [...]

My 3 Favorite VC Bloggers

I’m not involved in the VC world anymore but still love the field and find VC’s great BS filters for what’s happening in our space. I thought I’d share with you my 3 favorite VC blogs, although there are many more these three are the ones I would most recommend. Most of you are probably [...]

Being a Social Media Ninja

I’ve blogged here almost every day but not yesterday. But I did post, A LOT not just here. Why? Well because I was putting into practice some of the things I’ve been talking about here and consulting on with my client. I actually got to get my hands dirty, something I don’t do much of [...]

Twitter and Distributed Influence

Last month I wrote about the dillema TechCrunch found themselves in after TwitterGate. The problem arose when Twitter removed TechCrunch from their Suggested User List (SUL). It now seems that Twitter has recently taken TechCrunch’s key rival, Mashable, off the list as well. This gives us an interesting point of comparison. The first graph here [...]

How to Predict the Future

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