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Why it doesn’t matter how big Twitter gets

There’s a lot of chatter about the fire hose data deals Twitter is making and will continue to make.

The holy grail of data filtering in our over data flooded world is surfacing the quality content above irrelevant noise. This has proven to be the true value of Twitter. This strength is serious enough to be a credible threat to Google and the current search industry.

The real time web is the coolest thing to happen in our space in at least a few months. But it’s really, really cool. What’s really cool about Twitter is the value that it has unleashed through its API and partners. How big of a deal is Twitter’s API? Big enough to make a company built on that API a threat to more established businesses.

Just How Big Is TweetMeme Anyway, And Why Does It Matter?

Everyone is trying to take real time Twitter data and massage it into a useful, filtered news stream. Bit.ly has a new product on the way called Bit.ly Now. Digg is rebuilding the service from the ground up to take advantage of Twitter data in figuring out what’s hot sooner.

But it doesn’t matter how big Twitter gets.The value isn’t in the quantity of conversation or shared links its in the quality of the shared links.

Twitter power users are some of the biggest info junkies on the planet. The collective filtering power of all the geekiness is worth more than what Twitter is valued at.

It doesn’t mean Twitter is worth more because those valuable early adopters are fickle at best. But Twitter currently controls their mind share and add that to search related products like Digg or straight up search engines like Bing and the potential is only begining to be seen.

Web 2.0 Summit: A Conversation With Qi Lu. Bing Wave 2 With Twitter.

Qi Lu, spoke with Tim O’Reilly. He hit on some of his overall goals with Microsoft and search, but the real story was clear: The deal between Microsoft and Twitter to inject real-time tweets into Bing’s results. Yes, the deal is real and it’s a key part of what Microsoft is calling Bing Wave 2

Things are about to get super duper interesting.

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