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On Blogging

I love blogging. It has literally changed my life. It has changed the way I think, work, communicate and live. I’ve said it before but even if no one was reading this blog I would still write and publish here. Because of my love of blogging and experimenting with the tools that are out there, I was [...]

Be A Contrarian. Blog More.

As I just noted in my last post, a lot of people have, seemingly, fallen out of love with their blogs. After publishing that last post I wanted to expand my thinking. As I’ve been going through the list of people I follow on Twitter looking to see who has blogs that I should be following [...]

Social Media Isn’t A Distraction It Is My Source Of Power

Two of the greatest communication tools that have changed my life are Twitter and blogging. I would give up just about every other communication tool before I gave up these.  I feel really sorry for people who don’t participate actively in Twitter or blog. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some variation [...]

What I Learned From My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010 About Writing Good Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging pretty seriously here for about 6 years (4 on this blog) and it always amazes me which posts take off and which ones don’t. Sometimes I’ll pour my heart into a post and it goes nowhere. Sometimes I write some little off the cuff the post and it blows up. Some of [...]

A Blogging Blast From The Past

I recently discovered that Vince Ferraro had a blog. I know you’re thinking, “Big deal. Who’s Vince Ferraro?” When I first started at HP (almost 3 years ago), one of my very first projects was to manage the LaserJet Printing Blog. I know you’re super jealous, who wouldn’t want to manage a blog about LaserJet [...]

The Only 3 Blogging Guidelines Your Company Needs

I love the simplicity and directness of these guidelines. Remember this is for blogging and I don’t think this is enough for general employee social media guidelines. Only employees that have been through media training and are current in their business code of conduct training. This one rule obviously bypasses the need to include a [...]

What “What ___ Can Teach us about blogging” can teach us about blogging.

I don’t have many rules when I sit down to decide what to write here on my little slice of the internets, but one I try to stick to is “Avoid reactive post structure.”. You won’t see me writing about the Facebook/Nestle thing, Motrin Moms, or Skittles.com for two very good reasons: The attention span [...]

The Non-Blog and Dr. M von Vogelhausen

What do you call blogs that aren’t on a blogging platform? I call them non-blogs? I noticed this trend a few years ago when I would discover very active people in the social media space who didn’t have blogs using tools like StumbleUpon and then later FriendFeed for their blog. Not in addition to a [...]

Will Flip Fight Back Against Apple, or is it too Late?

I love my 8 gig Flip UltraHD. Here at Waggener Edstrom we love our Flip cameras. Mashable even had a great guide today on Video Blogging. I think we’re about to see some even greater things in the world of video blogging. Everyone got pretty exited when they thought Apple would integrate a camera into [...]

Traffic vs Engagement vs Influence: Top 10 Posts [August 2009]

It’s been very interesting to do these top 10 posts because it let’s me look at 3 different factors: Traffic: The posts are ranked based on traffic (unique hits) according to Google Analytics. Engagement: How many comments a blog receives is usually considered a level of engagement. Influence: The PostRank scores are meant to judge [...]

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