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Is Any Media Not Tech?

Today’s post comes from the no-duh department. Techmeme has been a tech staple for many, many years. For many of us it’s one of our firsts stops of the day. Late last year the Techmeme network launched Mediagazer, which is the Techmeme of the media industry. It made sense at the time but I’ve noticed [...]

Global Trends in Youth Media Consumption and Increased Multitasking

Global Internet media and social media consumption among adults has evolved differently based on regions. The US tends to lead the way, followed with varying levels  of adoption across EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa), APaC (Asia Pacific & China) and LatAm (Latin America). But youth globally seem to be adopting social media and media [...]

The Shift in Media and Marketing [Video + SlideShare]

Media and Marketing have forever shifted. They are dramatically changing the way companies and customers communicate. On December 15th I had the chance to present at LiveWorld‘s LiveBar NYC event and address this very topic. I had a great time and got to meet so many great people. Jill Anderson @mockery and Angela Dunn @blogbrevity [...]

A Glimpse into the Future of Social Media, Journalism and Advertising

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr What will the future of social media look like? You just need to look around because “The future is already here - it is just unevenly distributed.” In rapid order I came across three articles that help paint that picture (all emphasis are mine): Marc Meyer rightfully points out: [...]

The Future of Social Media has Arrived! The War is Over!

We have reached the tipping point. 90% of US adults are online* 80% of US online adults participate in social media** Unless you are targeting the very poor and/or the elderly, as marketers, you do not have to target those who do not participate in social media. Everything you create has to be social. Everything [...]

It’s the Message Stupid! News and Politics. [A Case Study]

I’m starting a series where I’ll profile various people I know, but you may not, and how they use social media. This is a long-ish post so I’ve broken it into a few parts so you can skip down to the parts that interest you the most. Who is John Foster? Local News + Social [...]

In Defense of Journalism

Image by inju via Flickr I can come off pretty rough on journalism on this blog. That’s not my intent. I am *very* critical and skeptical of news corporations and the media companies that own them. And the people I hold fully at fault is the top tier management of these companies. I think they’ve [...]

How Murdoch’s Plan for Paid Content Could Work

Image via Wikipedia How Murdoch’s Plan for Paid Content Could Work A lot is being said about Rupert Murdoch‘s plan to charge for all Newscorp Web content. Every blogger I’ve read have said that Rupert’s a delusional old media dinosaur (or some variation thereof) and that his plan is doomed. Personally I think he’s probably [...]

The Myth of the Corporation.

There was a time, supposedly, when large companies  resided in one building. When you worked your way *up* the company ladder, you literally moved up in the building. The higher you went the higher the paycheck, until you reached the top. Information traveled in the company the same way. Information came into the company at [...]

bit.ly takes you along the river of content

I think it’s well established that I geek out about weird things when it comes to content/communication on the Web. So I hope you’ll bear with me while I yet again show my geeky side. For those of you not familiar with URL shorteners; A URL shortener is a servive that takes really long URL’s [...]

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