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In Defense of Journalism

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I can come off pretty rough on journalism on this blog. That’s not my intent. I am *very* critical and skeptical of news corporations and the media companies that own them. And the people I hold fully at fault is the top tier management of these companies. I think they’ve been complacent and short sighted which has lead to one of the most important professions in our country to be nearly crippled.

Yes, I do think Journalism is one of the most important functions in our free society. But journalists are stuck in a restrictive business model while being forced to work with little to no resources and little hope for anything resembling a future.

I personally think that in the short term we all have to take on a small piece of the mantle of journalism. PR people need to think less like project managers and more like reporters. Bloggers need to assume a little more responsibility for what we write and all of us consumers of media need to be more watchful and skeptical looking for inaccuracies and false truths. We also need to be sure that the information we share via links is correct.

Eventually I believe the market will do it’s job and an even better model for journalism will develop but for now I think we all need to help deliver on the promise of citizen journalism

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  • http://michellerafter.wordpress.com/ Michelle Rafter

    Right on

  • http://billbennett.co.nz billbennett

    I'm convinced of two things. First, the rot set in long before the Internet started dragging readers away from newspapers. And second, the death of newspapers is more about the greed of corporations running down assets in an attempt to squeeze unsustainable high margins from the media.

    Yes, a better model will emerge, but I think it will take considerably longer than most people expect.

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