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Social Media [Insert Made Up Buzzwords Here]

Why do we have buzzwords? What service do they fill? Why do so many people complain about them? Every sub-culture and every movement needs it’s own language. It doesn’t matter if it’s an art movement, a political party or a fortune 100 company. Having a unique language creates a sense of community and servers as [...]

Diigo v4 is the Best Social Bookmarking Tool Ever!

Image via CrunchBase To me social bookmarking is one of those basic tools anyone who works on the Web has to be using. If you took my social media basic training course you should now be signed up for Diigo. They just released the newest version of their services with some exciting updates. You can [...]

Your Social Media Basic Training. Where to Start.

Someone asked me yesterday to share with them where I get my news from. What feeds did I subscribe to and who did I follow on Twitter. Well I subscribe to 401 blog feeds and follow 3500+ people on Twitter and each source was manually added by me over the last 3+ years. I’ve worked [...]

Gen X [meme]: Slackers, Sellouts or Saviors

Maddie Grant from SocialFish has started I meme asking if GenX has sold out. I can’t help but jump in here. Being a proud Gen Xer I’ve said a few things about my generation and our contribution to society. Every generation resents the status quo. Every teenager has angst so lets set that aside. My [...]

What will Twitter do with $100 Million? [Acquisitions]

Image by TW Collins via Flickr While there are some great debates over Twitter’s newest round of funding the bigger question is what is such a small business (29 employees) going to do with all that money? I’ve said it over and over again. They will buy their business model. I believe that Twitter is [...]

On Being an Influencer and Marketing as Media

Influence the Influencers. If you’ve hung around in PR circles you’ve heard this phrase. But what does it mean in today’s digital age? Many of you may be familiar with TwitterGate the incident where TechCrunch posted internal documents from Twitter after someone hacked into their Google Apps account. Many people called foul. TechCrunch obviously realized [...]

How to Blog. A Lot.

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr I get asked a lot lately how I’m able to blog so much. If you look at the bottom of my right hand column you’ll see I’ve had this blog for ~2 1/2 years. You’ll also see that as of the first of this year, my posting went up [...]

Doing Well by Doing Good

Image via Wikipedia This blog was cross posted on the WE Studio D Thinkers and Doers blog. I love working in the tech space. I’m a geek and an early adopter. I love tech. Sometimes we can easily forget that there’s more happening on our little planet than the latest gadget or app. I normally [...]

Why is Gen X so Entrepreneurial? Dysfunction.

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr I’m a proud member of the vastly outnumbered Generation X. We grew up being called The Slacker Generation (ironically by a bunch of washed up hippies who sold their soles). While the Baby Boomers and Generation Y both are about twice as big as Gen X, we have become [...]

My 6 Minutes of Fame

A huge thanks to Kenji at Seattle Social Media Profiles for the interview and all the props on Twitter. Here’s the video, but you can read the Q&A here. Related articles by Zemanta Do You Twestival? (newcommbiz.com) An Interview with Bryan Person (newcommbiz.com) An Interview with Retweet.com about Ripping off Tweetmeme.com (newcommbiz.com)

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