Top 10 Blog Posts [June 2009] Journalism, Tools and Bloggers

Last month I started a Top 10 Blog Posts recap of the months most popular posts. Like last month.

For comparison I’ve also included the dates well as the PostRank score for each post. You can see this blogs full PostRank profile here (my profile is here). The raw numerical ranking is based off Google Analytics traffic numbers. The PostRank score is based off views, comments and the number of times it was shared on Twitter and FriendFeed (along with some other secret sauce I’m sure).

Two new developments; The top post from last month was the top post again this month and all of the top posts received a Post Rank score of 10. If that keeps up I’ll probably not include that in the report.

Maybe I’ll include number of comments or something.

  1. FriendFeed is Reaching Critical Mass PR 10 5/20/09
  2. Blogs Aren’t Dead, They’re Just Fragmenting PR 10 6/24/09
  3. Excuse me, News Industry. Why did you matter? I forgot. PR 10 6/4/09
  4. What I’m doing to fight the social media echo chamber PR 10 6/2/09
  5. Do You Think Your Company Should Be On Twitter PR 10 6/16/09
  6. The Next Big Thing is… PR 10 6/11/09
  7. Which Bloggers Generate the Most Buzz and Which Bloggers are the Most Paranoid? PR 10 6/14/09
  8. In Defense of Journalism PR 10 6/18/09
  9. If you care about your job in marketing and PR, read this post. PR 10 6/12/09
  10. FriendFeed and Posterous Redefine Content Management Systems PR 10 6/26/09

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Celebs use Twitter to Launch Complaints

People have used Twitter to complain since the first week it was launched (I don’t know this for a fact but I know human nature). The Twitterati have used it to rally their supporters to their side.

Celebs have used it to drive support around the causes they support but what happens when celebs use Twitter to air their complaints?Sometimes it works in their favor, sometimes they look like an ass.

It’s No Myth: Adam Savage Taps Twitter to Fight $11000 AT&T Bill Savage was using his AT&T USB Connect Mercury modem, according to a post on his Twitter feed, @donttrythis. AT&T claimed Savage uploaded/downloaded 9 See all stories on this topic

Author lashes out on Twitter, and a new review of Here on Earth by Yesterday, angry author Alice Hoffman used Twitter to publish a reviewer’s phone number and (misspelled) email address. She encouraged her followers to See all stories on this topic

The difference is that Savage had a legitimate complaint (AT&T overcharged him) Hoffman did not (she got a bad review).

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Demo at #webootcamp in PDX

Download now or watch on posterous

MOV-0004.3gp (594 KB)

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[Update/Explanation] I used this opportunity to demonstrate the ability to take a video live and post it via Posterous to this blog. I had issues cross posting to YouTube (It just took a while to load) and I can’t wait until Posterous gets their WP player bug worked out.

Warning. The video sucks, was really loud but demonstrated the capability.

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Trying to visualize theory

Some people are gifted designers and artists. I am not. But I’m still visual and surprising tactile, especially for really hard vague ideas like theories.

This is one picture drawn during a brainstorm. For the people on the phone during the meeting someone took a picture and emailed it around. That photo then got emailed around some more. It surprised me how one grainy picture of a bad drawing with the right context behind it made my most far fetched ideas (somewhat) understandable.

I think as move past early adopters to early majority and the mainstream with socila media visualization is going to be a big deal.

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Will Gen Y Break the Internet?

Download now or listen on posterous

Voice.wav (2860 KB)

Just how much more content can we continue to create and consume? One
thing’s for sre; We’re going to need a bigger boat.

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Market Recovery Will Only Accelerate Marketing Trends

Levy’s prediction is just one of many, especially from the media industry. But I can’t help but to think that this is just market bolstering from the people who have the most to loose/gain.

Publicis CEO Levy: Advertising Recovery Starts Next Month | paidContent

Levy and others are really smart and I value their opinion but unless you’re willing to call not being in a free-fall I’m just not buying it. We may flatten but I don’t think we can expect much market wide growth.

The more important point to make is that market recovery will only accelerate trends.

Traditional marketing and advertising is hurting. Companies are de-investing in these mediums but I can tell you from personal experience that digital and social marketing are growing faster than most of us can handle.

When the market does recover do you honestly think companies will re-invest in traditional marketing?

No! It will only accelerate the move to digital and social marketing.

If you’re not ready now for that transition you’d better hope the market doesn’t turn around yet.

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Searching, Sharing and Quiting via FriendFeed

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19 Twitter Desktop Apps Compared | Technology News
You’ve got access to your followers and friends, custom groups, earch (integrated with FriendFeed and One Riot), trends, and integration, multiple accounts, integration, filters, and three view options for a one or
Technology News -

I had no idea there were this many desktop apps. FriendFeed and One Riot integration sounds great.

Bookmarklet Fu « Webtropic
I use it to share things in Reader occasionally, but most of the time I share things either in twitter or in friendfeed. Why? They show up much faster and the crowds in these two services are so much bigger than Google Reader.
Webtropic -

Or you can do what I do and have your shared Google Reader items go to FriendFeed and then post to Twitter. It’s not as fast but much more efficient.

Quitting FriendFeed » Webomatica - Entertainment and Tech Digest
Almost entirely at random, I got caught up in a FriendFeed thread by Aaron Brazell where he voiced dissatisfaction with … Webomatica - Entertainment and… -

Let the FriendFeef quiting begin. A sure sign a service is getting ready to take off.

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Random Thoughts (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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Moms Love Facebook. Will Love it Even More After the Movie.

It’s no secret that mom’s have embraced social networking probably faster  than any other segment over the last 2 years. You couldn’t throw a stick at a local PTA meeting without hitting a mom with a blog. And they have swarmed to Facebook.

In fact when we moved into our new house all the moms on the block new we were there and the ages of our kids within hours of our meeting our neighbor who then posted to her Facebook account. (I think our block has a group or something. I should probably check that out.)

There’s even new research showing the sharp rise of social media moms:

How Moms Feel About Social Media
About 63% of moms used Facebook, Twitter and blogs this year, a whopping increase from 11% in 2006. The survey also found that the kinds of media moms spent See all stories on this topic

Facebook The Movie. I’ve heard about this rumor for a while and refused to believe it. I mean seriously this is ridiculous. But then today this alert shows up claiming that the director of Fight Club, Seven and Benjamin Button. What do all of those movies have in common: Brad Pitt

Movie About the Creation of Facebook May Be Directed by Fincher
David Fincher, director of such hit movies as “Fight Club,” “Seven,” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” is considering taking on the Facebook movie. See all stories on this topic

I’m calling it now:

Zuckerberg will be played by Brad Pitt!

You think moms like Facebook now? Wait until they watch the movie staring Brad Pitt. Twilight ain’t got nothing on Facebook the Movie.

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What is the Future of the Music Label?

Image via Wikipedia

Mashable has a post exploring the various ‘new’ business models available as the future of music.

I find a few things interesting: There are really just old business models – sell t-shirts, records concert tickets. And these only address revenue models for the artists.

Now before you think I’m getting all soft on the labels I think the musicians should make the most money off their music. But it raises an interesting question if there is any need for labels. With social media providing discovery and distribution do you need a label?

I think you will, but they will be much smaller and take much smaller percentages of revenue, because after all they’ll be doing less.

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