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How to use Posterous for Internal Collaboration

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Working in a cross functional team I meet with a lot of teams to share advice, tips and tricks. I then frequently get follow up questions (because I openly invite them). Last night I received one and wanted to share an edited and more detailed version of the email exchange Q&A with you because I think it would be helpful.

Not too long ago I would have recommended setting up a Ning site or a Google Group or even a private Blogger account but Posterous is just so much more simple to use, especially for people who live in their Outlook inbox. Now we just need an enterprise version of Posterous.

Q - I’m looking for ways to connect micro groups within the agency on social networking platforms such as former interns who’ve grown through the agency, remote employees, etc. It is for conversations that need to remain limited just to a particular group (like an alias if your thinking email terms) and not exposed publicly for all to see. What do you recommend? I worry somewhat about folks having to go to another app outside of Outlook for discussions such as this, but there’s a need to tap into some digital exploration here.

A - As long as you’re not talking about confidential information you can have your cake and eat it too. :)

Posterous lets you have blog type functionality with the ease of email. If you have not tried Posterous yet send an email RIGHT NOW to [email protected]. I’ll wait.

Now that you’re set up in Posterous, log in w/ the info they send you and you can set up groups, you can also set it up privately. You can post comments by replying to posts (which show up as emails) and you can share attachments like video, picture, audio and documents which Posterous will embed in the post. You can also set up multiple Posterous accounts. My account is plus I have 2 others.

If that doesn’t work for what you need let me know. FriendFeed also has some similar features but its geekier and not as easy to use for the average person.

Q - This is perfect! So one question is – sometimes we share best practices, which is a little bit exposing and we may not want all account teams to see. Could someone view in?

A - As long as you set it to private no one that is not invited can see it or post to it. If they are invited they have access to see, post and comment.

***But remember just like Yammer or any other social network this is not “secure” so you can’t share confidential or restricted info.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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Best Blog Quote Ever via Steve Gillmor

This has to be the best line I’ve read in a blog (possibly anywhere) in quite a while.

“the fallow ego-driven spew of the Warholian elites”

If you live within the echo-chamber that it is the blogotwittersphere you’ll identify well with this quote.

Steve also sums up why I’m so excited about the new evoltions to Web 2.0 that Twitter has unleashed:

What’s exhilirating is that the vague assumptions, arrogant exploits, twinkling of an ephemeral joke, they all are being ratified in a swirl of innovation that is dazzling in its ability to masquerade as superficial and childish.

Steve Gillmor has a way with words. The article is worth reading just for Steve’s near poetic writing style. Oh yeah and if you’re interested in Steve take on the new FriendFeed redesign then you should also read it. Only the Beginning

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For most of you, CIO magazine is not very relevant. But for us B2B Enterprise IT marketers this is a pretty big deal.

If you’re selling IT to the Enterprise, the CIO (or your companies equivalent) is the most important person you want to influence. And CIO is a highly read magaizine in these circle.

Not only does CIO’s online property have an article on Twitter, they have a whole series on Twitter:

Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People - - Business Technology Leadership
Twitter’s Potential for Business Users - - Business Technology Leadership
Twitter Etiquette: Five Dos and Don’ts - - Business Technology Leadership

I don’t know if these actually ran in the print version but if you’re trying to sell your company on the value of Twitter (or social media in general) and you’re in the B2B IT space, pointing to these articles could at least give your points some validity.

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My Top 10 MVT - Most Valuable Tweeple

This is a really hard list to narrow down. Really really hard to narrow down. How can I possibly pick a top 10? That’s not even 1/100 of the people I follow. Basically the formula I used was a combo of the people who’s tweets I RT (re-tweet) and  favorite the most, people that send interesting updates or links and in general the people that have added the most value to my Twitter experience.

Some of these people will probably be familiar to you but many of them might not be so obvious. There is no particular order or ranking to this list I just added people as I came across them in my friends list.


If you are interested in the advertising industry Chas is a must follow. He doesn’t Twitter a ton but all of his tweets are content rich. I also love following his blog where he chronicles Federated Media’s client work. Besides that he’s just a cool guy.

  • Name chasnote
  • Web
  • Bio Chas Edwards is publisher and CRO at Federated Media.


Steve Rubel probably doesn’t need an intro. He isn’t a heavy Twitter user compared to some. He is very purposeful about what he shares on Twitter, he won’t waste your time.


Steve Nipper is a local IP/Patent attorney here in Boise and probably the geekiest lawyer I know. He’s also very quiet about the work that he’s done for some of the biggest names in blogging (Guy, Robert, Shel). While he regularly shares lawyer related links, better than half of his links are about cool hacks/tips/tricks that any geek would find interesting.

  • Name Stephen M. Nipper
  • Location Boise, ID
  • Web http://inventblog…
  • Bio Patent/Trademark Prestidigitator — dad, husband, attorney, blogger, g33k, etc.


I thought about not including Jeremiah because he’s not using Twitter right now (at least not in the traditional sense). As an analyst he’s experimenting with how to use Twitter w/out really using it. But Jeremiah did give me my first break by early on in my HP career tweeting out for anyone interested in corporate social media to follow me. I got about 200 new users in about 12 hours.


Ross is probably one of the smartest guys I know. He’s almost intimidating, but he’s such a nice and open guy it works out. Always has very insightful tweets and shares great content. If you ever get a chance to attend an unconference he’s hosting it will be better than the actual conference.

  • Name Ross
  • Location iPhone: 37.443207,-122.161346
  • Web http://ross.typep…
  • Bio Ross Mayfield, Chairman & Co-founder of Socialtext. Social Software, marketing and other stuff


Most of you are probably wondering who Memo is. To be honest I’ve never met the guy or spoken with him besides on Twitter, even though he’s a librarian here at Boise State. But he’s like the uber librarian, he usually answers my most obscure research questions within minutes with great content.

  • Name Memo Cordova
  • Location Boise, ID
  • Web http://bombasto.w…
  • Bio Academic librarian. Foosball god.


I’ve been following Carolynn for a while. She has a private Twitter stream so you’ll have to ask nicely. Carolynn is also in the VC space. I’ve followed her as she’s moved from Eastern Idaho to Utah, to Seattle to Portland constantly championing the small startup.

  • Name Carolynn Duncan
  • Location Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake C
  • Web http://www.bigpap…
  • Bio Geeks, tech, startups, angel investing and VC.


I’m a business marketing guy with a severe interest in technology, Ryan’s a technologist with a severe interest in business and marketing. We also both drive Mazda 3’s, weird. Next to Ross he’s probably the other smartest guy on my list. I’ve loved following the growth of his company MetaGeek. I also had to put him on the list because it’s his turn to buy sushi next.

  • Name Ryan Woodings
  • Location Boise, ID
  • Web http://www.metage…
  • Bio Geek, runner, biker, and founder of MetaGeek


Jess is an absolute rockstar, she just doesn’t know it yet (or she hides it with humility very well). She’s a total news junkie, winner of an Emmy from her news room days and a founding partner of RedSky PR, she’s a loaded rocket waiting for ignition.

  • Name jessflynn
  • Location Boise, ID
  • Web http://idahopubli…
  • Bio Storyteller - Journalist turned PR flack / Agency owner trying to find my way


Jen is a fireball. She has taken to social media over the last few years like a dingo to a baby. She was doing social media at MPC Computers, publicly blogged and tweeted her job search and runs social media for Tsheets. All with 3 little kids (the youngest two are twins). There’s a reason her blog is called Caffeinated Marketing.

  • Name Jennifer Harris
  • Location Boise, Idaho
  • Web
  • Bio Mom of 3, Wife of 1, Work for TSheets as the Social Media Sales & Marketing gal. Blog @ Love life, can’t complain

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Treating your best users like your worst. [Twitter]


Twitter has imposed a new follow limit on it’s users. You only get to follow 2,000 people. Most of you may be thinking, “Seriously? Who wants to follow 2,000 people anyway?” How realistic is it follow 2,000 people? That’s just too much noise right?

Not as noisy as you might think

As of today I currently follow 1,059 people? How is that possible? Obviously I don’t directly engage with every comment my Twitter friends make. I don’t have to. Not every tweet is meant to be engaged with (I would argue most of them aren’t).

And as more brands start using Twitter to engage with their customers many of them are going to need to be able to follow everyone that follows them, even if that number exceeds 2,000.

I use tools


TweetDeck let’s me track Tweets by groups. All Tweets are on the far right. All my Boise friends are in the next column and replies (tweets containing @tacanderson) are in the next column. So really following a whole grip of people isn’t as hard as one might think.

The algorithm did it

So while I don’t have a problem with Twitter limiting the amount of people you follow I have a problem with the way it was implemented. Steve O’Hear has a post about Twitter using an algorithm to limit the number of followers.

The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be much algo behind their rithm. Spammers follow a lot of people for the exposure but don’t get many (if any) people following them back. It doens’t seem to me like it would be very hard to build into this “algorithm” a follow to following ratio.

The result is that Twitter ends up treating their most valuable users, their hubs, (see previous post on scale-free networks) exactly like they treat their worst users, the spammers.

It seems like there’s a marketing lesson in there somewhere ;)

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Scoble Throws in the Twitter Towel

I just saw Robert Scoble present at the Media Relations Summit and a big part of his presentation was about Twitter. Then today this popped up.


Robert Scoble Scobleizer I just told @ev to turn off my autofollow script. 20,000 followers is enough. I’m seeing one new Tweet every second, I can’t deal with more.
half a minute ago from im Icon_star_full reply to Scobleizer

I have no idea how overwhelming it must be to try and follow 20,000 people. Obviously most of us won’t even try. I just passed the 300 mark.

The great thing about Social Media is that it will scale as far as you want/need it to. Then you back off. Then when/if you’re ready, you start scaling again. The same is true of people and companies.

Start small and scale it organically. You don’t have to drink from the fire hose.

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