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Expanding Posterous as a Workflow Tool

I’ve been using Posterous for a while. Mostly as an experiment to mashup Google Alerts with Zemanta and post via Gmail.

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As I’ve used it I’ve refined my process from just a pure Zemanta overlay on top of the Google Alerts to adding commentary and deleting non-interesting alerts. But as Posterous continues to expand what you can do with the service I’m going to try something different.

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You can now post to multiple places via Posterous, including your blog.  I’m going to begin posting my more relevant Google Alert, Zemanta mashup posts to this blog. We’ll try it for a while and if you find them annoying please let me know.

You can see these posts over here but I interject my commentary as bold, italicized quotes like this:

On-demand site Fizy offers huge selection of rock songs
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
Today, Fizy relaunched with a handful of new features such as the ability to save playlists and the ability to post all played songs to your Friendfeed
See all stories on this topic

Fizy looks interesting. I use Pandora to post songs to FriendFeed and then post to Twitter. I may need to check out Fizy.

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Like I said we’ll give it a try and see how it goes. I also plan on using Posterous as a workflow tool for other types of posting via email. Like all my experiments this may or may not go over so well. We’ll see.

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I’m also going to start back up my Diigo link posts which will post auto post on Sundays, a day I normally don’t post on.

Why do I do all this? I try and do posts that both expound on topics or give insight into trends I see but I also want to give people a glimpse into the things that I’m seeing that add context to my perspective but may not have a clear meaning. Link posts like Diigo and these mashup posts are the best way I know how to do that.

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What do you think? Are link posts valuable or are they just noise?

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