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Trust is the Gatekeeper of Knowledge

A manager once told me, “I don’t want to capture what [my employees] know, I want to know how they came up with the solutions to the problems.” We were talking about implementing some early Enterprise 2.0 solutions. The technical solutions aren’t the only hurdle we face today. It turned out that many employees don’t [...]

Company Forces Employee to Delete LinkedIn Profile

Be sure to join the New Comm Biz Facebook Page or follow the Twitter account. I received a disturbing email from a friend of mine. I have changed the message and obscured any personal or employer reference for obvious reasons. Due to the recent FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc) ruling (see below) I will [...]

Chase Your Customers not Your Competition

Image by ryancbriggs via Flickr 2009 was the year of action. No longer was it good enough to talk about what companies *could* do, you needed to do it. If you presented at a conference and didn’t have any personal case studies of either yours or your companies you were wasting everyone’s time. Now that [...]

Just because you can update all your networks at once doesn’t mean you should

Drinking from a fire hose LinkedIn announced that they’re playing nice with Twitter. Status updates can now get posted in both places at the same time. First off, they alreayd could with the right plugin. Second, this is not the right solution. Like many of you, I used to dump my Twitter updates into Facebook. [...]

Some Thoughts on Disclosures [and Some Disclosures]

Disclosures can be tough when you’re at an agency. Especially if you don’t blog about your work that much but you blog about industries your clients have a stake in. I blog about marketing, technology, journalism, mobile, business models, startups, and any related trends or anything I find mildly interesting. I blog about those things [...]

If you care about your job in marketing and PR, read this post.

This was originally posted on the WE Studio D, Thinkers and Doers blog and is an adaptation of a previous post on this blog.     I know there are still some social media hold outs among you. Of course if you are then you probably aren’t reading this. Let’s try this again. We all [...]

Best Blog Quote Ever via Steve Gillmor

This has to be the best line I’ve read in a blog (possibly anywhere) in quite a while. “the fallow ego-driven spew of the Warholian elites” If you live within the echo-chamber that it is the blogotwittersphere you’ll identify well with this quote. Steve also sums up why I’m so excited about the new evoltions [...]

CIO.com tries to explain Twitter to your Boss’s Boss’s Boss

Image by RubyJi via Flickr For most of you, CIO magazine is not very relevant. But for us B2B Enterprise IT marketers this is a pretty big deal. If you’re selling IT to the Enterprise, the CIO (or your companies equivalent) is the most important person you want to influence. And CIO is a highly [...]

What is a conversation anyway?

Twitter is like the crazy girlfriend: You like being with her because she’s hot but you really love telling your friends the crazy stories. Seriously, what would we all blog about if it wasn’t for Twitter? My favorite Philly area tech blogger, Regular Geek, has an interesting post on Twitter and Facebook. Status Updates Are [...]

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