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I Tweet Therefore I Yam

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak on the Social in the Enterprise panel at Social Media 301 #SM301. It was a really good panel (if I do say so myself) and the best part is that I’ve got to speak with @lizasperling (who works at @seesmic), @themaria (who works at @yammer), @danielwrasmus and moderated [...]

Trust is the Gatekeeper of Knowledge

A manager once told me, “I don’t want to capture what [my employees] know, I want to know how they came up with the solutions to the problems.” We were talking about implementing some early Enterprise 2.0 solutions. The technical solutions aren’t the only hurdle we face today. It turned out that many employees don’t [...]

If Collaboration is the Killer App for Bussiness

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about collaboration, open business models and open innovation. When I think about the future of business, how it operates and how its structured and if collaboration really becomes the killer app… What happens when collaboration with all stakeholders is fully integrated into all parts of your business? Customer [...]

Yammer Helps Your Company Create More Edges and Flows

Last month I gave Yammer (a product I like) a hard time because it doesn’t integrate with microblogging clients like Seesmic and Tweetdeck and I feel that their pricing is prohibitive to large, enterprise companies. I got several comments from people and had some really good discussions around the use of Yammer and the good and bad [...]

We Need to Completely Rethink How Business Operates Using Social Media

I’ve mentioned the book I’ve been working on. I’ve actually made considerable headway on the weekends (except I can’t come up with a good title to save my life) and thought I’d share my current working summary. I’d love to hear your feedback. I am looking for examples where social technologies have been used by [...]

What Does the Social Business Look Like?

What does the Social Business look like? Some rough draft thoughts. The Social Business will be fully realized when social technologies are leveraged to build collaborative relationships across all company stakeholders.  By leveraging social technologies in an open and transparent way businesses will also regain and build more trust among stakeholders. This increased trust will [...]

The Innovation Equation and Social Media Solution

I have a theory: The amount of Knowledge and quality of Collaboration a company is able to achieve directly effected by the level of Trust all parties have in the company.This is reflected in the potential value of the Innovation. Image by yuan2003 via Flickr (Knowledge x Collaboration) x Trust = Innovation Knowledge is the [...]

How to use Posterous for Internal Collaboration

Image via CrunchBase Working in a cross functional team I meet with a lot of teams to share advice, tips and tricks. I then frequently get follow up questions (because I openly invite them). Last night I received one and wanted to share an edited and more detailed version of the email exchange Q&A with [...]

Top 5 Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools

#1 Blogs This one was a no brainer really. Blogs have changed the way we communicate and share information. While blogs are more like someone giving a presentation, they at least provide a great opportunity for Q&A. It amazes me how such a light weight CMS has such a huge impact on our lives. #2 [...]

UPS Whiteboard is pointless

So apparently UPS has some cool ads, done by some cool director. The only thing I really liked was the music, You can listen to the full song here. I don’t watch TV anymore (only what I download of iTunes) so I never saw the commercials. But I did see the billboard while in California, [...]

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