UPS Whiteboard is pointless

So apparently UPS has some cool ads, done by some cool director. The only thing I really liked was the music, You can listen to the full song here.

I don’t watch TV anymore (only what I download of iTunes) so I never saw the commercials. But I did see the billboard while in California, driving down Melrose last month going to visit my friend Nick, for

Being a self proclaimed Web 2.0 geek I instantly had visions/delusions that UPS was using some of the new collaborative “whiteboard” technology that has begun springing up. GE has launched a great example of what I was thinking of. Combine this with a skype call and you can instantaneously collaborate with a client on what it is that they want.

Instead at UPS I am prompted to enter a friends email as well as my own and a short message. Still I am thinking that this may be some sort of invite (keep in mind I didn’t sit through the whole flash presentation which might have explained all of this). I entered my message and was greeted with this.

Needless to say I was unimpressed. What a missed opportunity to really create value for your clients.

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  • Dave
    Haha! What a huge waste of time! That guy writes so incredibly sloooooow! I will never get those few minutes of my life back. You could have saved me the excrutiating pain by simply sending an EMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE!
    Oh, and my simple answer to the question, you don't.
    My question is. Why do large corporations think people have the time for their stupid novelty BS that would have been cool 5 years ago?
    Now I have wasted five more minutes of my life ranting about this, thanks.........
  • Tac
    I warned you it was pointless.
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