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That’s a Stupid Idea.

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr When pushing the envelope sometimes you and the people you work with say really stupid things and come up with really stupid ideas. It’s ok to say, “That’s a stupid idea”. When was the last time you said that? When’s the last time you said that and the other [...]

What Comes Next? Part 2: The Suckage!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife As a follow on to yesterday’s post on the 80% online US adoption rate. I’d like to point out the down side: Suckage. Yep, pure suckage. Are you tired of spam? Are you tired of Twitter/Facebook spam? Wait until you start getting location based social spam, from your “friends”. [...]

What comes next? Part 1: Are you ready?

With social media now at 80% adoption in the US are you ready for what’s about to come? Are you really ready? Are you new(ish) to social media and just starting to figure it out? You’re now an “expert” in your organization. You’d better start putting together that comprehensive social media strategy complete with tactics [...]

You are Crazy not to Measure the ROI of Social Media!

This post is dedicated to all capitalists working inside corporations or organizations that are interested in maximizing and increasing profits. For some unknown reason the ROI debate has sprung up. Not the healthy what is the best way to measure social mediaÂť but the should we even measure social media debate. Seriously? Is this 2007 [...]

An Interview with Retweet.com about Ripping off Tweetmeme.com

I often wonder if first mover advantage really means much anymore. Facebook wasn’t the first social network. Of course neither was MySpace. The iPod was not the first MP3 player. HP isn’t even close to being the first PC maker. Microsoft did not invent word processing software. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. Big [...]

Lessons from Gnomedex: Too Geeky is a Good Thing

This is just a quick post. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more of thoughts that come out of Gnomedex as my brain sorts through all the information that was thrown at it over the course of three nights and two days. First off I have to say that it’s an amazing conference with a [...]

Is Twitter Shopping for a Business Model?

VentureBeat has an article on Twitter and their move to launch premium corporate accounts. One thing that caught my eye: Twitter to roll out commercial accounts this year | VentureBeat He also wouldn’t rule out the possibility of further acquisitions, acknowledging that Twitter had talked to FriendFeed about acquiring the company before it was bought [...]

No surprise BackType’s new site focuses on search

One of my favorite things about social media is the revolution shaping up around search. The thing I love about BackType is they only focus on comments, where ever those may be. You’ll see evidence of this in my comments brought in through Discuss. Not the blogs just the comments. And they’re turning that into [...]

Chris Brogan’s Tip to Promote Your Book on Twitter

Had a great time at the first night of Gnomedex. Got a chance to catch up with a lot of great people and shoot some video. Chris Brogan took a moment to explain what his new book was about briefly and share his secret to promoting your book on Twitter: Leave space for re-tweets. Check [...]

Why Would You NOT Blog?

Image by Tac Anderson via Flickr Following yesterday’s post (and months of posts really) about how easy Posterous makes blogging, why would you NOT blog? Seriously it’s so freaking easy? If sending an email is too tough, check out Tumblr. Pulling an RSS feed doesn’t get any easier. Check out my music blog http://tacanderson.tumblr.com/. The [...]