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Are You Inspired By Your Work? If Not You Are Wasting Your Time.

I truly believe that everything about how and why we work has changed. There is no reason to do anything you aren’t inspired to do, if you’re not inspired you are wasting your time and no amount of managerial motivation will change that. I’ve raved about Daniel Pink‘s new book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What [...]

BP Is Sponsoring The World Cup. This Won’t End Well.

On my recent trip to South Africa I noticed a lot of BP gas stations, something I don’t see in my part of the States. But the really troubling part came when, Amid the shared excitement for the coming World Cup I noticed that BP was also a World Cup sponsor. “Oh no. This won’t [...]

Social Media Lies Are Good For Business

This is not a post advocating for dishonesty in how companies run their social media. Instead I wanted to address something that Robert Scoble mentioned: The “like, er, lie” economy — Scobleizer Because we want to present ourselves to other people the way we would like to have other people perceive us as. Translation: I’d [...]

Google gets Pac-Man Fever: Keep it BLEEP BLOOPin simple, stupid:

Google’s logo today is Pac-man.  It’s playable.  You can go to www.google.com right now (assuming you’re reading this on 5/21) and play a custom developed HTML/CSS/JS version of Namco Bandai (our client)’s classic game  Pac-Man based around the Google logo, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game. They didn’t send out a press release, [...]

The UnDone Presentation (JM)

I chose the non-linear path for my recent Social Media seminar for APA | NY . Engaging your audience is a hard dance to manage but, as in this case proved, doing so offers greater value FOR THE ATTENDEES from the event. Value doesn’t mean everybody leaves happy. Value means the audience gained answers to questions; ideally these answers demand a renewal of thought.

Forget Domain Names and Microsites, Nike Uses Custom Bit.ly Links and Facebook

In the old days, when you launched a digital campaign you built a microsite with it’s own custom domain name. Now brands are opting for tabs on Facebook Pages but what do you do about domain names? Launching a social media campaign across multiple social networks is seriously a pain point for marketers. There is [...]

Racial Marketing

I’m posting full trip reports over on my Posterous site but I plan on excerpting the marketing relevant portions here and adding some additional thoughts for more discussion and to reward those of you reading both my blogs. From my first day’s report: Greetings from South Africa: Howzit? Racial Marketing This could partly be because [...]

Digital Traces…Where Email, Social Media and Brand Keywords Converge

Digital Traces…Where Email, Social Media and Brand Keywords Converge Here’s what I’m finding out through conversations with clients, partners, and vendors about email campaigns: - The “mulitple open” rate of  email campaigns is spiking among the top %5 of people who open the email. Sometimes emails are being opened 10 or more times. - Click-rates [...]

Social Media Is Humanizing And Our Own Data Scares Us.

This is one of my thinking out loud posts. I apologize in advance that this is a little rambling. Over 10 years ago I did my senior thesis in Computer Mediated Communications. I was studying chat-rooms and whether this new digital medium affected our communication behaviors and norms. Guess what I learned? We behave the [...]

Checking Out Social Media Around The Globe

Ever since my days at HP, three years ago, when I was in a global marketing position I’ve been fascinated by the adoption of social media around the globe and how social media usage is determined by Internet and mobile penetration. In much of the Western World Internet, and increasingly broadband, usage has created social [...]

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