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Internet TV is at a Tipping Point. Hulu Could Push it Over The Edge.

When it comes to media there are two things I have never paid for because it never seemed like it was worth the money: A newspaper subscription and cable TV. I recently learned that I’m what you call a “cord cutter.” No I don’t run around cutting cords but I’m someone who doesn’t have cable. [...]

Who Cares What People on Twitter Had For Breakfast?

Two to three years ago there used to be this misconception that all people on Twitter talked about was what they were eating for breakfast. It was very similar to the  misconception that bloggers just sit around in their underwear (often in their mother’s basement). As I was evangelizing social media and Twitter back then [...]

The larger the group of friends, the fewer pictures they take

I’m at the Say Hi concert with @jenxmusic and I couldn’t help but notice something I found fascinating. As you know from my last post I love people watching and at concerts I’m very fascinated with what social technologies people use. in this case their mobile phones. at a concert it’s no surprise that the [...]

Using Ethnographic Research To Get From Digital Trends To Consumer Behavior

I have this uncontrollable habit of people watching, especially when it comes to how they use technology. Some call it an occupational hazard, I call it ethnographic research. Ethnographic research is a research methodology used by anthropology and other social sciences that’s more qualitative than quantitative. I observe, I take photo’s when I can and [...]

The Social Media Strategists Workout

I’m pretty active on social media. (That was my annual submission to the understatement of the year award.) I’m an over sharer on pretty much any social network I join, but I have leveled off over the last year. I’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm and am happy with my routine. When talking to coworkers or clients [...]

Making a Living in the Crowd: Update

The very first prediction I made in my 2011 version of 5 Predictions For The Next 5 Years was: Byte Sized Work and Making a Living in the Crowd. The gist of the prediction: Work will continue to be broken down into smaller and smaller portions and yet still require more and more specialty. People will start [...]

Brands Not “Currently” Allowed On Quora

For big brands, being “FIRST” on a new social network is a good way to engage with early adopters and generate a little positive coverage. I’ve seen this work back when blogs were first starting up, for Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. But not every social network wants brands to have a branded account. Friendster [...]

Social Robots: We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us.

There was a great piece this morning by John Hagel reviewing Sherry Turkle’s new book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, and combining that with several other things I’ve read lately, the post got me thinking about Social Robots. I have not read Sherry’s book but I have [...]

When it’s broken, don’t tell me you’re happy I bought it, FIX it. : A rant.

Here’s why 90% of “social media” used by business is frustrating, ultimately ineffectual talk that many times feels ‘hollow’ and unfulfilling. When someone tweets about a problem they have with your product, that is not a communications problem. That is a product problem. When someone ‘likes’ you on Facebook, that doesn’t mean they want to [...]

Quora Questions [10 Links]

I swore I wasn’t going to do a post on Quora this week because it seems like everyone and their blog is writing about #Quora this week. But all of that chatter has sparked so many questions from clients, friends and colleague’s that I’ve written enough reply’s that I couldn’t not re-purpose them as a [...]