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Who Cares What People on Twitter Had For Breakfast?

lego cerealTwo to three years ago there used to be this misconception that all people on Twitter talked about was what they were eating for breakfast. It was very similar to the  misconception that bloggers just sit around in their underwear (often in their mother’s basement).

As I was evangelizing social media and Twitter back then people used to ask me, in an attempt to dismiss Twitter and point out that it was mindless blathering and had no value:

“Who cares what you had for breakfast?” I always respond: “I bet Kellogg’s and Post do.”

A few years ago I pointed out how restaurants were using Twitter but today I get to finally say that Kellogg’s does care what people on Twitter have to say (or maybe just enough to broadcast to people on Twitter). Kellogg’s with their @CrunchyNutUSA account have spent between $80-100K to sponsor the hashtag #GiantCuckooClock. I know they spent at least that much because that’s how much promoted trends costs.

This is just too big to miss - Celebrity host Nick Cannon will unveil the #GiantCuckooClock tomorrow at Hollywood & Highland!

Although they’re really missing an opportunity to embed links, pictures or videos in the tweet that shows up. They’re trying to drive awareness and the account is very active today. They’re even replying to people and sending them to their Facebook page that explains the event even more.

Not bad but it’s really just a traditional marketing campaign extended into social media. Big stunt/event + celebrity + ad buy = high CPM’s and happy marketing managers. Twitter is being used more and more to drive awareness to events happening off Twitter but I think the more successful campaigns are the one’s that center around Twitter, like the @OldSpice campaign.

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