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Twitter is Business’ Napster. How sad.

How sad, that companies need Twitter. How sad, that there’s no internal foundation, inherent expectation or cultural want for people working at companies to have any way of connecting with the people using their products or services. How sad that ivory towers were built up through outsourced “customer service” departments, impossible-to-navigate phone trees, websites with [...]

Introducing the Checkin Addict Blog

I am incredibly fascinated by Location Based Services. Both because I used to own a skateboard shop and sympathize with the blight of the brick and mortar small business owner but geo-local also ties into my fascination with studying human behavior. It’s a digital anthropologists dream. I first started using Brightkite 2 1/2 years ago. [...]

Bit.ly Bundles: One Link To Rule Them All

Bit.ly just quietly announced a very cool feature yesterday. Bit.ly Bundles. Basically it’s the ability to bundle multiple links under one shortened URL. There are two very helpful use cases I see: Linking to multiple profiles and curating topical links. Linking To Multiple Profiles How many times have you seen people put URL’s in their [...]

Reach vs. Engagement once and for all

This post is cross-posted from jeremymeyers.com Editors note: Since Jeremy didn’t add a picture I’m throwing a random one in for him. OK. Reach is a measurement of who exists to be engaged with at any given time. How many people are on your Facebook page.  How many Twitter followers do you have?  It is [...]

The Life and Times of the Social Media Strategist

Being a Social Media Strategist is really tough. Half your job is doing things that no one has ever done before and the other half is teaching people how to do what you did because it’s the only way to scale social media at your company without burning out your strategist. It requires you to [...]

Mobile Should Be Defined By People’s Behavior Not Product Features

What is a mobile device? The Zuck recently created quite the stir when he claimed stated that the iPad was not a mobile device. Kara Swisher and many others disagree with him, including the maker of the iPad, Steve Jobs. You can even take Kara’s poll on the subject. The argument that people make as [...]

The Future of Location Based Services is “Checking Out” not “Checking In”

Alternatively titled: The Rebirth of Brick and Mortar. Will location based services (LBS), like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places and SCVNGR ever go main stream when only 4% of adults use them? Yes they will. But the future of “checking in” is actually “checking out.” Huh? I know you’re wondering if I’ve been stuck in one too [...]

Channeling Creative Disruptive Energy

You’re restless. You get frustrated that things don’t go faster. You don’t understand why your company moves so slow. I know because I have these same thoughts. I had these same thoughts even when it was my own company. Creative energy is a great thing. It fuels innovation. In excess it can also be highly [...]