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Do You Have to Allow Commenting?

There was time when not having comments on your blog was a cardinal sin. You weren’t transparent, open or social. Starting a blog today is much easier today than it was even a few years ago, especially if you count microblogging in the mix. But today everything has commenting, blogs, videos, presentations and thinks to [...]

Are You a Leader or Lunch?

Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media asks: Why are you scared to be outspoken? It’s an honest question I hear a lot from social media practitioners. We see and experience so many great things everyday we feel bad for people that don’t actively participate and frustrated when clients don’t jump in with both feet. But much [...]

Why Doesn’t the Kindle Play Music?

Amazon is announcing a new, better, lighter, cheaper Kindle.  With the new version of the Kindle, I’m finally ready to break down and buy one. but something struck me as odd. Why doesn’t the Kindle play music, or any audio for that fact? Amazon sells Audio Books Amazon has a great MP3 Music Download Store. [...]

Waging War Against Social Media Purists

I had the pleasure of attending July’s sold out Social Media Club Seattle featuring the always entertaining Jason Falls. (Thanks to Eric Berto for getting me on the list.) Last time I ran into Jason was at SXSW and oddly enough I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Jason speak. The topic of Jason’s presentation [...]

The Sincerity of Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Is social media making personal moments less personal? This is a question that comes up a lot. I love these kinds of discussions and watching the ways that technology affects our everyday lives. Yesterday was my birthday. Like most people *nearing* <cough> 40 <cough> I don’t think too much of my own birthday’s anymore. I [...]

Managing Resistance as a Change Agent

Many of us are what’s considered a “Change Agent.” We are brought into companies to shake things up, to push the status quo, to make our organizations better. But it usually doesn’t feel like we’re changing much, just getting more grey hairs. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t receive some level [...]

Social CRM: What Is It And Where Is It Going? [10 Links]

Earlier this week I shared 10 Links on Content Farms. As I said then: “When I’m *predicting the future* I find it helpful to look at the recent and recently past developments of an industry.” I think sometimes us bloggers jump to quickly in to trying to provide our readers with the answers instead of [...]

Should user-generated content be considered a valid, legitimate source?

Are user generated content sites sources of valid information? With the increasing popularity in sites containing user-generated content (UGC), questions of validity arise. UGC includes any site where the site’s users and visitors can write and publish content, whether it is video content, blog posts, advice websites, and the like. But as sites filled with [...]

Wild Crazy Ideas About the Relationship Between Social Media and Economics

July has been my slowest posting month here since August of 2008. But it’s not from a lack of writing. I was on vacation last week and got a lot of writing done on The Book. Not as much as I would like but still quite a bit. As I have done all along the [...]

The Relationship Between Social, Human and Financial Capital

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Physics and their quest for the Grand Unifying Theory or maybe I’m suffering from a little bit of delusion and grandeur but I’m calling this the Grand Unifying Theory of Economics (cue Econ PhD’s the World over to rip it apart). The Grand Unifying Theory of Economics By looking at [...]

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