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Introducing the Checkin Addict Blog

I am incredibly fascinated by Location Based Services. Both because I used to own a skateboard shop and sympathize with the blight of the brick and mortar small business owner but geo-local also ties into my fascination with studying human behavior. It’s a digital anthropologists dream.

I first started using Brightkite 2 1/2 years ago. You can read my first post where I talked about it. I’m annoyingly active on Foursquare but you probably don’t know it because I don’t push my updates out. That’d be really annoying. I was the 24,999 user and am a Super User: Level 1 (that sounds soooo geeky). Basically I’ve achieved the level where I can edit locations and report fake spots.

Checkin AddictIf you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve been writing on a new blog. Checkin Addict.

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What you’ll find? News and reviews about just about any service or app that you can “checkin” on. The site’s still not 100% built out yet. We still have a few pages, plugins and stuff to tweak.

Who’s this “we” you speak of? Tyler Schnaidt: BlogTwitter. Tyler is a co-worker of mine. He knows his stuff on social media. He was one of the first members of Best Buys Blue Shirt Nation. And he’s a cool guy. Plus we’re always looking for contributing writers. It’s a rapidly growing field and I don’t know how long two guys with full time jobs can keep up with it all.

Why another blog? I love strategy. I love the high level posts I write here. That won’t change. But I needed another outlet for my ADD. Also really like to get my hands dirty. I don’t write a lot about developments in the tech World. But I noticed a lack of niche blogs around LBS and checkin services like GetGlue. So I saw this as an opportunity to start a fresh blog. Something hopefully useful for those of us with an addiction and something a little more light and fun.

I also made the decision a long time ago not to monitize this blog. That may change someday but for now I think it’s the right decision. The main intent of Checkin Addict is not necessarily making money but I’m definitely planning on making a little off it and running ads and affiliate links to apps lets me hone some skills I haven’t flexed in a while.

So if you’re addicted to LBS, geoloco, badges, gaming mechanics and the checkin, I’ll see you over there.

Photo credit by ntr23

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