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Content Farms Under Fire But Not Going Away [10 Links]

Last summer I wrote a 10 links post about the rising conversation around content farms. The topic hasn’t gone away and neither have the content farms. On one side there’s been conversations around automating the content even more and some people are asking if the content farms can’t be used as a platform for more [...]

3 Tips For Winning at SXSW (+1)

Last year was my first year at SXSW. I was there for a full 10 days. This year I’m only going for 5. And while I wasn’t originally going to go, now that I am, I’m starting to get excited, mostly to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while. This year [...]

How To Engage With Communities Without Being Eaten Alive

In Marketing we talk a lot about communities lately. We want to join communities, we want to build communities and as businesses (when we’re honest with ourselves) we want to profit from said communities. And if we’re upfront and honest with that community and have real value to add then it’s usually okay. But when [...]

The Problem with Hyperlocal is Local. We Don’t Really Care About Our Neighbors.

I’ve been a very outspoken critic of hyperlocal journalism as a scalable business model. One of my top 10 predictions for 2010 was that hyperlocal journalism wouldn’t catch on. In 2009 I even went as far as comparing the quest for the hyperlocal journalism business model to cold fusion. Sure it sounds good in theory [...]