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Why Business is Broken

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I believe companies need a complete overhaul from the inside out. From business models to internal and external communications practices. Why?

Our processes, organizational structures, communications practices, systems for measuring ROI internally and externally and the vast majority of our business models were created in an age of triplicate carbon copy paper, typewriters and inner-office memo’s.

The Business World and all that it entails was created in a time that is irrelevant to most of today’s work force. The few people for whom it may posses some level of relevance are mostly retired or planning to be as soon as their 401K’s bounce back enough.

This doesn’t just apply to the News and Music industries, it applies to every type of business.

I’m not advocating for a total rebuild. There are a lot of good practices that are tried and true for any environment. But if you’re not reevaluating everything right now you will be shortly.

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