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Why Is Change So Hard?

There’s a lot of talk in the business world about “change management.” There are countless books about it out there. Change management books are about as effective as diet books. And strangely they’re both dealing with the same root problem: People don’t like to change. Change is scary. We are programmed to avoid change. It [...]

Evolution vs. Revolution: Which is Better for Organizational Change?

It’s time for another 2 minute unedited video. Sorry about the glare in my glasses it’s actually kind of sunny here in Seattle today. Today’s topic is is what’s the best way to drive organizational change: Evolution or Revolution? Evolutionary Change = small, fast, iterative change that’s easier and safer to implement but harder to make stick [...]

Are Job Hopping Social Media Strategists Hurting Their Careers?

This one goes out with love to all you social media, job hopping, circus freaks. You are my people. There’s got to be a joke in here somewhere: This afternoon I listened to a Russian talk about employee management. But seriously, Boris Groysberg is an amazing teacher and very funny. Boris spoke to our HBS  class about [...]

When Social Media Stops Being Shiny

We’ve made it. This is the place we all wanted to be. The social media war is over. Aren’t we all excited now? Social media has made the big time. We’ve crossed the chasm, we’re mainstream, people are finally taking us seriously. We were right and they were wrong. Maybe because it’s the end of [...]

Forget Strategy: How do you Scale the Social Media Strategists

If you haven’t noticed, social media is kind of a big deal right now. How social media is managed at companies is radically different than it was 1 - 2 years ago. Who owns social media strategy at your business? If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you own at least own part of [...]

Managing Resistance as a Change Agent

Many of us are what’s considered a “Change Agent.” We are brought into companies to shake things up, to push the status quo, to make our organizations better. But it usually doesn’t feel like we’re changing much, just getting more grey hairs. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t receive some level [...]

Why Business is Broken

Image via Wikipedia I believe companies need a complete overhaul from the inside out. From business models to internal and external communications practices. Why? Our processes, organizational structures, communications practices, systems for measuring ROI internally and externally and the vast majority of our business models were created in an age of triplicate carbon copy paper, [...]

Stop Trying to Change. It’s Pointless.

Image via Wikipedia I often forget that most people aren’t used to change. Some people have to constantly relearn how to do things. I’ve never not know change. The idea of changing seems almost foreign. Change to me means I have to teach someone a new way to do things. This may be a little [...]

The only thing you should be doing

I originally wrote this post several months ago and it’s taken me this long to remove the excess emotion and get it to a point I thought it was ready to post. I still don’t know if it’s ready but I feel it needs to be said. The only thing you should be doing I [...]

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